Through VIKASA VOYAGE, we offer you meaningful and conscious travel experiences. Connect with the spirit of the locals while leaving a positive mark on people and nature. Experiences range in activity with focus in areas of environmental consciousness, cultural exchange and personal growth. We aim to enhance the cultural integrity of the local people and minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment. Go beyond the trap of typical tourism which only leaves the planet polluted and the locals exhausted. Choose from a variety of inspiring experiences which enhance the cultural integrity of the local people and bring positive vibes to communities who need it most. We believe in the power of exchange and the impact of connection. Step off the beaten track with us and see how far a soulful journey can reach.

“If happiness is the goal, and it should be, then adventure should be a priority.”

Ethical Adventures.

Each Vikasa Voyage is a unique opportunity to fall in awe of the natural environments and cultures we interact with. It is our hope that our guests become part of the growing community advocating for a more balanced world perspective. Most of us love to travel, and most of us want to have a positive impact on the world. If you do it right, you can do both at the same time. By spending your travel dollars in forward-thinking countries, you can reward the good guys—and encourage good practices worldwide. Our mission is to use the power of tourism to protect human rights and the environment.

Social impact.

Travel is more than the seeing of sights. It is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. Seeking impactful experiences that leave lasting impressions is meaningful for both the tourist and the local alike. We utilize existing infrastructure, experts and partnership with local NGOs, non-profits, and social enterprises tackling real local issues in local communities. The impact felt from these groups can be tangible. Perhaps even more meaningful are the emotional connections and bonds that are formed during learning exchange between the Voyage group and the locals. Take a vacation with real impact.

Explore more.

Most resorts will find ways to keep you in a comfortable bubble with little reason to leave the property. We take a different approach. During your time at VIKASA, we encourage you to get outside and explore the island. Koh Samui offers incredible beaches, vibrant marine life and rich local culture at your fingertips. Treck, paddle, fly or dive into this beautiful paradise. Get a real sense of community and adventure through a trip to the nearby Elephant Sanctuary to observe these magnificent giants in rehabilitation. Or take a sunset cruise to explore the underwater world of the island. There’s an experience awaiting everybody.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make soba noodles in a Japanese mountain village? Would you like to gather seaweed with farmers who live sustainably from their crop? What about practicing yoga in a Cambodian alongside some inspiring human trafficking survivors? Our greatest learning resource is each other. Learning exchange happens through the great connectors of human expression such as food, music, storytelling, crafts, dance, theater and art.


If you were left alone in nature how long could you survive? Today’s world is completely reliant on modern technology for everything from survival to entertainment. Most Vikasa Voyages have some element of immersion in nature which allows us to reconnect with the earth and the source of all life. Leave your phone behind and jump into the real world, experiencing everything it has to offer. There’s nothing as exhilarating as being immersed in stunning nature.


Connecting to other beings such as animals is a powerful and grounding way to remember that we part of a complex living planet. Life is bigger than your own world. Intuition is a valuable sense that animals use every day to survive in the wild and even our domesticated animals respond first to their intuition and then their cognitive abilities. By spending time becoming more aware of our own senses, we can better connect and understand our animal companions. This leads to a more loving and connected world. 


Modern living can feel like anything but an adventure. As you commute to work, come home, eat dinner, switch on Netflix and then pass out in bed, it can feel like you’re living the same mundane day over and over. Running from one activity to the next, your mind grows bored, your body lethargic and your soul sucked dry of passion. What can you do? How can you recapture the excitement of life you once knew as a child? Adventure travel holds the answer. It has the ability to sharpen the mind, rejuvenate your spirit and refresh the soul.

Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The act of leaving your comfy bed, abandoning your daily routine, crossing an unfamiliar border, and immersing yourself in a new culture are all part of leaving that familiar yet restrictive zone that we call home. A comfort zone is defined as “a place or situation where one feels safe, at ease, and without stress.” It’s that familiar bubble that we keep ourselves in to avoid any unexpected challenges life may throw at us. We naturally gravitate to activities and routines we know work best for us. However, existing solely in this bubble puts a protective shield around ourselves that prevents us from growing, learning, evolving and developing new skills. Stepping out of our comfort zone is the first step towards transformation and becoming our most authentic self. New adventures and new horizons are the essence of life. We aren't designed to stagnate or live the same day on repeat.

Adventures take you further than fears ever will.

Community Outreach.

We go off the beaten track to find the warmest welcome as we visit local Thai families in their homes. Experience their humble yet compassionate way of living. Learn about their daily life through immersion and exchange. Meaningful interaction and plenty of heart-warming fun guaranteed. The activity varies based on the needs of the local host family. Another way to support the local community is to help clean their natural habitat. Unfortunately the trash collection and recycling programs in Thailand are lacking. Waste and excessive tourism is becoming a problem worldwide. Plastic production and over-consumption have led to messy beaches, even on Samui. Spend a day cleaning up a local beach and enjoy a crossfit style bootcamp and beach bbq.

Wildlife in Nature.

The Samui Elephant Sanctuary provides an ethical way to enjoy the splendour of these majestic creatures. Many tourists don’t realize how cruel and damaging elephant rides are. Support this legitimate safe-haven for elephants who have been rescued from farms and ride camps. Or if aquatic wildlife is more your thing, enjoy a traditional long-tail boat tour to two beautiful islands, part of the Samui archipelago. Snorkel while learning about the native coral reef, flora and fauna. Soak up the rustic, colourful surroundings and bask in nature. Work with passionate animal rescue specialists while you volunteer in various programs. These may involve snake rescue, aquatic reef rehabilitation, local dog and cat population control or monkey rescue.

Off the Beaten Path

Visit hidden gems of Samui you won’t find on any tourist map; a rum distillery, secret passage-way, reggae bar tucked between two rocks, coffee shop on the jungle canopy or magic sculpture garden.View amazing temples and rare secret spots few tourists know about. Carpe diem and seize the sunrise while enjoying the Zen feeling of stand-up paddle boarding. Take the board for a spin during a breath-taking sunrise or sunset. We‘ll have you back in time for a healthy buffet at VIKASA Life Cafe. Explore old Samui trails used by the locals before paved roads. Experience gorgeous views and iconic waterfalls. On these hikes you will see native foliage and discover how the ecosystem balances. Learn about sustainability, wildlife, native birds and more.