Vikasa Vita Spa

When was the last time you experienced true bliss? Vikasa Vita Spa is a holistic blend of authentic Thai tradition, ancient wisdom and modern expertise. Return home to your natural state of balance. Our thoughtful and inspiring spa provides soul soothing, down-to-earth relaxation for body, mind and soul. Revitalize your inner glow while listening to the sounds of the ocean. Immersed in nature, Vital Spa offers a soulful and welcoming healing environment. Say farewell to stress and return to your true self. With authentic Thai treatments as well as intuitive healing therapies, you’re sure to find something to recharge and rejuvenate on every level.

Holistic Lifestyle.

The Vikasa Lifestyle is a holistic approach to wellness which involves all aspects of personal evolution of the mind, body and energy. Self care is a very important part of this approach to health. Spa treatments and natural therapies are one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to practice self care. We all need to release energy and tap into our natural state of true balance and pure bliss. We invite you to discover how good you can truly feel. With authentic Thai treatments as well as holistic and intuitive healing services, you are sure to find something that resonates. Spa packages can be tailored to suit your needs and goals. Experience the difference in both body and mind when you allow yourself to be nurtured in the hands of our expert spa team.

Therapy in Nature.

Our Spa area brings together a variety of environments. It offers the authentic feel of Thailand with a shared treatment space as well as the option for more private and VIP experiences. Private sessions are held in the special air-conditioned treatment rooms or one of our stunning spa pagodas directly overlooking the sea. The shared open space supports privacy while maintaining the traditional community spa experience popular in the East. Our spa pagodas sit just above the sea and and allow you to enjoy your treatment in the middle of nature, feeling the gentle ocean breeze caress your skin. As you relax into a soothing massage, the gentle sound of the waves will lull you even further into a state of pure peace.

Expert Therapists.

Allow yourself to fully relax and surrender to the experienced hands of our qualified therapists and healers. Experience a blissful sensory experience and shed the constant chatter of your monkey mind. Switch off and be cared for by our team of professionals who will undoubtedly leave you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and realigned. Step away feeling recharged, inspired by nature, and reconnected to your internal state of flow. The Vita Spa has been crafted with love and designed to calm the senses. Built into the rocky hillside overlooking the ocean below, Vita is the place to bathe in the glow of Samui’s powerful healing environment. Leave your worries behind and simply enjoy the moment, knowing you are in the best of hands.

VIKASA Vita Spa is open daily from 10am until 7pm.
All bookings can be made at the main reception or spa reception in the Lotus Village.

Local traditions in an inspiring enviornment

Unlike the West, where spa treatments are given in private, often sterile settings, many of our services are offered in the traditional Thai way. In Thai tradition, massage is performed on comfortable mats on the floor. While you may share the massage sala with one or two other guests during your treatment, rest assured you will be able to maintain complete modesty, and enjoy semi-private screening from other guests. If you would prefer more privacy, our spa has a comfortable, double, air-conditioned treatment room and also a VIP room. You can also opt for the peaceful outdoor pagodas, built on the cliff overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand. Surrounded by nature with unfettered ocean views, Vita spa is designed to immerse you in an environment of tranquil bliss from the moment you arrive. Leave your phone and worries behind and step into a world of pure peace.

"Vita" in Latin encapsulates the essence of life, embodying its journey, experiences, and inherent vitality.


Vita Spa is located in our lush Lotus Village with  incredible views over the stunning Gulf of Thailand. You can enjoy your treatment in a beautiful natural setting beside the brilliant blue ocean and lush greenery. Or opt for air conditioned comfort in the indoor, Japanese- inspired zen spa space. The spa consists of the indoor treatment room and VIP room, outdoor spa pagodas, a beautiful open air terrace for tea and contemplation, plus changing rooms, showers, spa reception area and the cliff-top ice bath and plunge pool area. We believe the natural environment has a profound and direct impact on your wellbeing. The magic of the natural environment offers you an unparalleled healing journey. 


The five elements are the essence of the entire world, both within and outside of you. Balance your body and mind by connecting with one of the elements in this soothing aromatic massage. Select one of our exclusive essential blends to experience the different benefits and properties of the natural oils. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and allow your inner guide to choose which healing oil will best balance your current state. Traditional, organic, locally sourced coconut oil is also used for our oil based treatments. Traditional Thai herbs are also used in various treatment options and high quality healing tea tonics are served both before and after your treatment session. Indulge all of your senses with your Vita Spa journey.


Centuries ago, a dynamic therapy based on yoga and Ayurveda was born in the temples of Thailand. In this unique healing system, a therapist guides you through a series of postures while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. When combined, these actions help relieve muscular tension, improve circulation and balance the body’s energy centres. Enjoy a 400-year-old traditional Thai body treatment which offers a host of therapeutic benefits. Unwind and relax as your therapist integrates warm herbal compression techniques with massage, encouraging your body to detoxify and your muscles and soft tissue to release, regenerate and repair. No visit to Thailand is complete without experiencing a traditional Thai massage. 


The most enjoyable and beneficial spa and holistic therapies require not only a skilled therapist, but a degree of intuition and awareness of energy. Alongside our more traditional Thai-inspired treatments you will also find holitsic therapies including Reiki and Sound Healing. These age old modalities work on a more subtle- yet no less profound- level to help you to release tension and rebalance the body’s energy systems. You’ll likely leave feeling lighter, with greater clarity and a renewed sense of awareness. In our day to day life, we rarely get the time to connect to ourselves on a deeper level. These holistic therapies are an invitation to surrender, to start to peel back the layers so that we can return to our authentic self. Take advantage of the time and place to treat yourself to something new. 

Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing Therapies are healing methodologies that differ from the usual line of treatment than that of a doctor. In other words therapeutic practices that are currently not considered as an integral part of conventional medical practice are classified as alternate healing therapies or alternate medicine. Many a times the benefits and healing abilities of these therapies are established through research, other times they may be unproven scientifically. With alternate healing therapies, healing, treatment and cure may be achieved through diet, self healing mechanism of the human body, various energies, herbal and other supplements and much more. Few of these healing techniques are thousand of years older than conventional medicines. Over the last couple of decades there has been a renewed interest in holistic and natural healing and thus various alternative healing therapies have found an important place in the wellness world and our own self care.

The path to wellness is a journey, not a destination.

The Perfect Addition to your Yoga Journey

All over the globe you will find yoga accompanied by spa or holistic therapies. The combination of yoga and spa work side by side to positively effect both your physical, mental and emotional body. Just as yoga asana, meditation and breathwork can bring you closer to a relaxed and balanced state, so too can the perfect spa treatment. While in the West, spa treatments and holistic therapies can be expensive and considered a 'luxury,' in Thailand, these types of services are far more accessible. So, our advice? Make the most of the opportunity and treat yourself - you deserve it.

Ancient Rituals.

We offer a host of unique Massage Rituals. These include everything from a signature Traditional Thai Massage to Thai Coconut Oil Massage to Deep Tissue Massage. Our therapists are highly trained in their arts and will accommodate any specific needs you may have. Popular treatments include a full body coconut scrub and massage or aloe vera sun recovery. Also available is our Herbal Compress Massage to offer immediate rejuvenation.

Holistic Healing.

In addition to traditional spa experiences, we offer Alternative Healing treatments such as Craniosacral therapy. This modality is especially beneficial for migraines, neck and back pain. Experience a private Sound Therapy with Himalayan singing bowls, or opt for a deep Reiki Energy healing to help you rebalance your energy, clear your mind and let go of any negative trauma. To learn more about each treatment, please refer to the spa menu.

East Meets West.

The treatment menu is designed to facilitate balance and rejuvenation. Treatments focus on the integration of body, mind and spirit. We’ve taken the best of East and West so you can choose your preferred path to rejuvenation and purification. Our spa menu provides a comprehensive offering of treatments created to address every aspect of the body. This includes relief from muscle tensions to energy blockages that impact everyday life.

Ice Bath Journey At Vikasa

Push your boundaries and experience the incredible benefits of cold therapy with our ice bath journey. This unique Vikasa experience has been designed to enable you to enjoy an unparalleled wellness practice with the combination of breathwork and ice bath. You’ll be guided by our wellness practitioners through a calming and meditative breathwork class in our oceanfront yoga sala to prepare you for the plunge into the icy conditions. Guided to the clifftop ice bath, you’re supported and encouraged as you test yourself and surrender to the experience, emerging from the ice feeling accomplished, enlivened and oftentimes, quite euphoric! Balance out in our warm water bath and take in the ocean views as your body reaps in the healing benefits of this age old practice. 

Ice bath sessions are run weekly for our Vikasa in-house guests.

For visitors please contact us to book your journey. 

Minimum of 5 people for booking. Per person cost is 1,500 THB (+ 7% VAT)

Private sessions or larger group bookings can also be accommodated. Please contact us for private or group pricing.

Healthy Day at Vikasa : Your One Day Wellness Retreat

Treat yourself to a day of pure wellness and get a taste of all that Vikasa offers with a ‘Healthy Day’ or ‘Healthy Half Day.’ If you don’t have time to join us for a multi-day retreat, these shorter options allow you to indulge in a range of yoga and wellness modalities to up-level your physical well being and nurture your mental well being all in just a few hours time. These days are ideal if you’re seeking a solo day to unwind and treat yourself, or come along with your partner or friend for a fun and rejuvenating day in our lush and tranquil grounds. The healthy day options are open to all levels, all ages and are a great way to get your dose of wellness whilst on vacation in Koh Samui.

Healthy Days in Koh Samui : Half and Full Day Experiences

Here for only a short duration? Experience the best of Vikasa with a Wellbeing day or half day. Switch off your phone, immerse yourself in our natural surroundings and press pause on the outside world as you dedicate time to complete rejuvenation. Our Wellbeing day passes offer a bite sized Vikasa experience centered around three key pillars- yoga, spa therapies and delicious vibrant cuisine. Enjoy a taste of Vikasa and leave feeling enlivened, inspired and reconnected.
Vikasa Healthy Half Day


2,250 THB

Valid any time. Contact us to book

Vikasa Healthy Full Day


3,850 THB

Valid any time. Contact us to book

To book your Healthy Day or Healthy Half Day, contact us here

Yoga and Spa: A Heavenly Wellness Experience

Yoga is our speciality at Vikasa, which is why our spa therapies and holistic treatments are inspired by our expertise in yoga as a holistic practice. Our Vikasa massage treatments include gentle moments of reiki as well as the chance to experience the healing benefits of sound with our singing bowls. We encourage you to relax, to clear your mind and to allow your breath to soften and guide you into a deeper, more blissful spa treatment. Oftentimes when our physical body pauses, our mind can work on overdrive. Our treatments encourage you to let go, to detatch from thoughts and to be fully present. This way you gain the greatest benefits, and also can surrender to the most relaxing experience possible. The combination of yoga classes and spa treatments work hand-in-hand to tend to all levels of your holistic well-being. Our therapists will help you select the perfect treatment, based on your needs and goals. For those easing sore muscles, tending to an injury or simply seeking a balance between action and relaxation, our therapists will ensure your treatment is both remedial and rejuvenating, leavng you in a state of pure bliss.

Book a Blissful Treament

VIKASA Vita Spa is open daily from 10am until 7pm.

To make a reservation contact 077-422-232 or email us at

If you are an onsite guest, feel free to message us through your Handigo app. 

Or schedule a treatment at the Main Reception or the Lotus Village Spa Reception.

As a courtesy, please provide minimum notice of 1 day before to make changes or cancel your appointment. No-shows and appointments cancelled in less than the required time will be billed in full. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to prepare for your treatment. If you are late for your appointment, you run the risk of your treatment time being reduced.

Tipping is generally not expected. However, your therapist would be delighted with 100 baht if you have a particularly blissful treatment.