Every Evolution Starts with One.

The Evolution of Yoga

Inspired by the notion of personal evolution, founder Kosta Miachin and his international team of wellness experts developed a global community. The Vikasa Tribe is connected by a passion for healthy lifestyle and a shared belief in the power of positive vibrations. The Vikasa Lifestyle reflects our deeply held belief that yoga and healthy living can be tools of transformation: a means to helping individuals and society evolve physically, mentally, and energetically.


Our humble beginnings in what was once a small but heart-felt yoga studio nestled into a small jungle garden, can still be felt in what has now become a powerful global community. It’s really quite amazing what we’ve created here on the tiny island of Koh Samui in Thailand. The effects of this place can be felt rippling across the globe. We started by creating a place of growth and healing, but in the end we found that we created something much bigger – we evolved. The world is changing at a rapid pace and we share this story to help empower others to join in our movement of peace, love and yoga.


Vikasa is Sanskrit for “evolution.” To evolve, means to fine tune your self-awareness and commitment to authenticity. Everything in the world evolves constantly, including human beings. Evolution is the absolute core of The Vikasa Lifestyle: our philosophy on life, and living healthily and optimally. Personal evolution gives you the ability to create your life according to your deepest values and unique vision. It is your truth emerging from deep within, rather than living from your head and the programmed thoughts of the systems in your environment.


Imagine a place where people openly surrender to waves of transformation. Imagine you are surrounded by boundless, courageous human beings who encourage your evolution. Imagine a transformational energy encompassing all of humanity, like a ripple effect with each individual it graces. Together, we can raise human consciousness and make the world a better place. At VIKASA, we focus on the study of yoga with an emphasis on holistic health, organic, whole food and an inspiring environment that is conducive to personal transformation and evolution.


The Vikasa Yoga Method is an integral system of yoga based on classical Hatha yoga lineages, with influence from Himalayan Buddhism and Taoism practices. The method is based on universal rules of yoga that ultimately allow the practitioner to develop highly intelligent and mindful practice.


The Vikasa Lifestyle is a holistic approach to wellness which integrates mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health through the daily practice of yoga, meditation, nutrition, community and self care.


We believe in the power of self love, self care and self reliance. Consciousness expands like a seed rooted in the power of SELF and the present moment. It comes from within and grows outward as our vibrations effect ourselves and our community.


We believe in the power of community. It’s not enough to just do yoga or only take care of your self. Humans are social creatures who have evolved to be stronger together in a tribe. We are part of a larger living organism where every action has an effect on those around us and our environment.


We believe a healthy world starts with healthy people, and every evolution starts with just one person. If you change yourself, you can change the world. We believe evolution leads to a natural progression of individuality where uniqueness is celebrated as a natural piece of the oneness we are all part of. We believe in self-love, self-reliance and taking responsibility for your own happiness. The self is the foundation of connection and the first step in any transformative journey.

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If you’re not happy with your current situation, then it may help to know that everything you are experiencing is a reflection of your philosophy and lifestyle. The world is not healthy by default, you have to make your own choices and navigate an unhealthy society in your own way. Humans are wired for survival and avoiding pain. This is often connected to avoiding change. Change is hard. However, nothing is ever hard-wired for life and you do have the power to change your health. This belief is at the heart of The VIKASA Lifestyle and we believe it can be a huge aid in the global crises and epidemics we now see on our planet. Many of our ailments are avoidable by taking preventative measures and making healthy decisions. Health is everything.



One of the hardest concepts for most people to embody is that happiness is a mindset choice which comes from within. Every day we are blessed with miracles and precious moments to be joyful and happy for; a baby’s smile, the song of a bird, the comfort of a pillow, the sun breaking through the clouds. On the flip side, we are also given immense challenges in life. It’s ok to be realistic and see life is full of both beauty and challenge, but choosing your reaction to both sides is essential. When you choose happiness, life becomes vibrant. An inner spark is ignited, and your connection to everything and everyone becomes deeper and more meaningful. You will begin to see your own happiness reflected in people around you. It’s contagious!



Evolution, the raising of consciousness and a path of helping others, begins with firstly helping yourself. Only then, are you in the greatest position to provide the most assistance and impact others. Think about it; if you are struggling in life, if you don’t have the energy to help others, what can you seriously bring to the table? You must BE the change you want to see in the world. Once you are truly happy, once your energy levels are high, once you are fully fit and healthy and content, then you are in a fantastic position to share your light, simply by being an example to others, an inspiration to your tribe and a blueprint for success and a meaningful life. By becoming a pillar of health and happiness you will have the power to impact the world.

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