7 Benefits of Doing Yoga Outdoors

As it becomes more common to work indoors, people’s time outside has decreased dramatically. Unfortunately, the health and wellness that the outdoors can affect decreases with it. Practicing yoga outside allows us to slow down, take note of what’s around us, and begin to reap the benefits of nature once again. Have you been considering […]

3 Yoga Poses You Probably Don’t Do Enough

3 YOGA POSES YOU PROBABLY DON’T DO ENOUGH Think about how many yoga poses you’ve ever encountered, and then about how many you do on a regular basis. You may realize you tend to avoid certain poses but do others in every practice. Or maybe there are poses you do very briefly, even though you […]

5 Things to Know Before You Try Yin Yoga

5 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU TRY YIN YOGA From Baptiste and Anusara to hip-hop flow and goat yoga, there are almost too many yoga styles out there to count. But one thing almost all these styles have in common is that they’re active yang practices. However, yin practices, which are passive and still, are […]

The Benefits of a Daily Practice

The Benefits of a Daily Practice

THE BENEFITS OF A DAILY PRACTICE Eastern and Western medical experts and health practitioners alike have come to agree that dedicating yourself to a daily yoga practice has significant benefits on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Besides working up a sweat and discovering how to twist your body into pretzel-like shapes, yoga offers a […]

The 3 Most Common Yoga Injuries

THE THREE MOST COMMON YOGA INJURIES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM Yoga is a wonderful way to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and happy. However, when we push ourselves too hard or are a new practitioner we run the risk of injuring ourselves and putting our practice on hold for an indefinite amount […]

The Three Main Differences Between Yoga and Fitness

Kosta Adjusting

THE THREE MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOGA AND FITNESS Yoga is a great way to stay healthy. With the many different options of asana practice that are now available, you can choose exactly which kind of flow you’d like to participate in. Yoga isn’t only about physical fitness. Asana (physical yoga postures) is only one part […]

Yoga Mammas: 10 reasons why you must try yoga

Yoga Mamma

YOGA MAMMAS: 10 REASONS WHY YOU MUST TRY YOGA If you are a mother of a young child and are reading this post, you are probably in a bit of a rush. Maybe you are even thinking: I wish I had time to do yoga, but…! But – You DO have time for yoga.Believe it […]

Teaching Yoga in Prison

Yoga in Prison

TEACHING YOGA IN PRISON: 5 REASON PRISONERS MIGHT BENEFIT FROM YOGA When people describe what they get out of their yoga practice you often hear words like freedom, self-love, and forgiveness. Once yoga has changed your life, you’ll be looking around for ways to help other people implement this brilliant technology into their own. There […]

The Yogic Awakening: 5 Things You Won’t Expect

THE YOGIC AWAKENING: 5 THINGS YOU WON’T EXPECT Who doesn’t love that overwhelming post-yoga feeling of semi-enlightenment? It’s enough to practically bring us to tears, and sometimes it does. It is what pulls us back time and time again, literally bringing us to our knees as we surrender our entire being in child’s pose. 10 […]

Yoga, Unicorns and Mermaids…What’s going on?

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YOGA, UNICORNS AND MERMAIDS…WHAT’S GOING ON? The past year has played out like the beginning of a bad movie. Donald Trump has become president, Britain is in the process of leaving the EU and the effects climate change hang over us with whisperings of impending doom. However, the human spirit is not broken easily. Out […]