Unlearning Your World

UNLEARNING YOUR WORLD How We Learn Every minute of every day, we are learning. We learn through every one of our five senses, through the tangible experience of the world around us, and (sometimes) through our conscious observation of that experience. For the first part of our lives, however, we rarely consciously observe. The easiest […]

The Perfect Yogi Bowl

Yogi Soul Bowl

THE PERFECT YOGI BOWL Fuel your body post-yoga (or anytime!) with this delicious vibrant Yogi Soul Bowl. This bowl is brimming with goodness- the spouts and activated almonds have plenty of active enzymes, the kimchi or sauerkraut adds a good probiotic boost, avocado for healthy fats, greens and nuts for protein, and plenty of veggies […]

Five Healthy Spices You Want to Start Using Now

5 HEALTHY SPICES YOU WANT TO START USING NOW Spices; where would food be without them? They add flavor and variety to any dish that you can think of. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which to use and, more importantly, which ones will have the greatest positive impact enhancing our […]