The Difference Between a Vacation and a Yoga Retreat

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A VACATION AND A YOGA RETREAT Why do we go on vacation? For many, it’s a combination of taking a break from work, exploring new places, relaxing, and just changing things up. But too many vacations leave people feeling exhausted, sluggish and unprepared to return to “real life” instead of rested and […]

How to Make the Most of Your Yoga Retreat Experience

HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR YOGA RETREAT EXPERIENCE Are you thinking about attending a yoga retreat (like our Signature Yoga Vacation) for the first time, but are feeling a little intimidated? Or maybe you’ve eagerly signed up for one and just want to be sure you make the most of it? In either case, […]

10 Reasons a Yoga Retreat could change your life

10 REASONS A YOGA RETREAT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE Ever reached that point when everything around you is falling apart and you need a serious break? Most of us, especially in busy cities with equally busy lives, feel that way! I hit a wall a few times a year, when I know I need to […]