Creature Yoga Retreat

We’ll move and breathe together in a yoga shala overlooking the ocean, eat delicious nourishing food, hang out in the ocean or the pool, and make lots of new friends.


This all-encompassing 13-day unforgettable experience is targeted to those seeking professional development, personal development + a unique cultural experience. I have carefully designed our itinerary to offer participants a rich life experience which includes Thai Yoga Massage, cultural adventures, culinary delights + adventure.


Yogaonethatiwant studios’ 6th retreat. Headed by Vikasa’s very own graduate Atilia Haron, its time to bring the online graduates from HippieHub to Vikasa too.


Writer and mindfulness teacher Pamela Maran brings fun and silence together. She has held retreats across the world and this is the first one in Thailand.

Radiant- Women’s Yoga Retreat

What would it be like to feel more radiant? Imagine stepping away from the responsibilities and chaos of life to immerse yourself in a week of nourishment and rest. A chance to truly decompress and cast off the layers of overwhelm and stress.

Escape to Paradise Retreat

Join us on this amazing week of yoga asana, mindful meditation and clean eating. This retreat incorporates an OMazing 7 days and 6 nights in the tranquil Vikasa Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. Our aim is for you to feel strong, fit, healthy, nourished and revitalised whilst having a relaxing vacation in tropical paradise!


Join Yoga and Meditation teacher, Amber Knight, on the island of Koh Samui for an incredible week in March 2023.
With over 20 years of experience and over 11 years of teaching yoga and meditation, as well as hosting numerous retreats – both locally and internationally, know you will be good hands for this week.
We will spend our retreat together at Vikasa – a breathtaking venue purpose built for yogis.

Yoga, Meditation & Rituals Retreat

Escape the stresses of daily life to immerse yourself in the sacred beauty and healing energy of the stunning island of Koh Samui. Move your body and nourish your soul as you experience awakening vinyasa flow, relaxing yin yoga, mindfulness meditations and new moon rituals.


Karma Burning Intensive and Void Intensive are the twin foundations of the Yoga Teacher Development Program by Higher Yoga Academy®.
Each workshop is a 4-day exploration of advanced Yoga practices, focusing on the knowledge and techniques of relaxing into Awareness and releasing limiting psychological patterns commonly referred to as ‘karma’ in the Yoga tradition.
You are welcome to join either or both workshops combined into a 7-day program (the final day of Karma Burning Intensive is the first day of Void Intensive).*

Nomad Yoga 200hr Training

Exploring aspects of yin and yang yoga, you’ll discover how to both fire the body up and how to slow it down. Practicing anatomically-informed hatha and vinyasa flow each morning and restorative and yin yoga each evening, you’ll explore these complementary practices and all the elements necessary to be able to confidently teach both.