5 Ways Yoga Teacher Training Will Help Deepen Your Practice

Yoga teacher training (YTT) – which is, of course, how you get certified to teach – is a bit of a misnomer. YTTs are actually just as much about diving into the study and practice of yoga as they are about training teachers. Even if you have no interest in becoming a teacher, a YTT course […]

How Travelling is Yoga in Practice

How Travelling is Yoga in Practice

HOW TRAVELLING IS YOGA IN PRACTICE When it comes to travelling, even some of the most detailed plans tend to derail in execution. The ability to find flow in the midst of turmoil is one of the greatest lessons of life on the road. For yoga practitioners or teachers, the lessons that we learn and […]

Expressing Yourself Through your Practice

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Expression is defined as ‘the process of making one’s thoughts or feelings known’, and in our visual world of language and numbers, it is easy to forget that movement is our primary form of expression. We have been moving since the day we were born, effectively communicating and understanding through the language of our bodies […]

Deepening Your Practice

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  The tradition of yoga goes back thousands of years. Yoga entails many spiritual, mental and physical aspects, most of which are not commonly known in the Western World. The practice of asanas, after all, is only one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Some teachers add some pranayama exercises and a short meditation to […]

12 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Practice


12 WAYS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR YOGA PRACTICE A yoga practice can take many forms, ranging from a weekly hot yoga class to daily Ashtanga sessions to five minutes of restorative poses in bed at night. But no matter what your practice looks like or where you’re at in your yoga journey, […]

The opening of Vikasa Yoga on 11.11.11

THE OPENING OF VIKASA YOGA ON 11.11.11 OPENING The opening of brand new Vikasa Yoga in Koh Samui turned out to be a smash success with auspicious timing and location. Of course, in my view of the world, everything happens auspiciously but, this event came in a higher degree significance. It has brought together many people […]

The Winds of Prana

THE WINDS OF PRANA Prana is the all pervasive energy of the Universe.  It’s the secret, subtle thing at work which makes gravity draw inwards,  propulsion push out, and life expand and contract. These movements are derived from that source energy and they are called the Vayus (winds) in Yoga. You can become aware of these […]

Practice Steaming Awareness

PRACTICE STEAMING AWARENESS MODERN PHYSICAL YOGA CULTURE That Present Feeling… What makes yoga practice, yoga practice?It is the consistency of streaming your awareness to a simple aspect of your existence.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just that it is simple. What is streaming awareness? Take a deep breath in and just experience it, let all […]

Tadasana or Samasthiti

TADASANA OR SAMASTHITI STANDING IN BALANCE Mountain pose is often touted as the prime posture for experiencing the inherent poise of properly performed Asana. What is poise, first? We should perhaps consider. Poise comes when we feel present in every fiber of our being. It feels like all your inner resources are right there at your […]

The Space Between: Shavasana

THE SPACE BETWEEN: SHAVASANA SHAVASANA One element that distinguishes Hatha Yoga  from other physical disciplines is the practice of Shavasana, the corpse pose. My favorite part is that it starts as a physical experience and then can take me to spaces between thoughts and illusory identities.  It’s first role is to let the body completely rest […]