5 yoga poses for more energy all day long

If there’s one thing most of us wish we had more of, it’s energy. Between long workdays, late nights, and stress about everything from money to family, there’s no question that most people are too busy, too worried, and not rested enough. Add a caffeine or junk food habit, and it’s no wonder most people […]

3 Yoga Poses You Probably Don’t Do Enough

3 YOGA POSES YOU PROBABLY DON’T DO ENOUGH Think about how many yoga poses you’ve ever encountered, and then about how many you do on a regular basis. You may realize you tend to avoid certain poses but do others in every practice. Or maybe there are poses you do very briefly, even though you […]

5 Yoga Poses That Help With digestion


Indigestion can be a major disruption in our lives. It causes pain and bloating as well as fatigue which slows us down and makes us feel less than spectacular. Lucky for us, yoga can help. Here are five gut-friendly poses you can do to promote healthy digestion and a happier you. 1. Cat & Cow […]

Yoga Poses for Detox

Yoga Poses for Detox

YOGA POSES FOR DETOX When you think of detox, chances are, things like green juice, black charcoal and herbal tea come to mind! Yoga however, is a highly effective and beneficial way to naturally detox. The skin is the largest organ of the body and sweating allows stored toxins to be released via the pores […]

Poses for Throat Chakra

POSES FOR THROAT CHAKRA The fifth of the body’s seven core energy centers, the throat chakra is the source of communication. When this chakra is balanced, it enables us to speak our truth with clarity and kindness. But an imbalance or blockage affects communication and can lead to being excessively shy and quiet or, on the other […]