Detoxifying Raw Green Soup

Green Detox Soup

Despite the long list of ingredients, this soup is incredibly quick and easy to make, and so good for you! Think of it as an alkalizing vitamin pill! Using really fresh produce in here makes a huge difference and being raw, you will retain all the vital nutrients in all the fresh vegetables and herbs […]

5 Facts About Mindfulness

5 Facts About Mindfulness

5 FACTS ABOUT MINDFULNESS We all know that the practice of mindfulness is on the rise. It’s found its way into offices and schools. People travel far and wide for retreats and wake up early each morning to practice mindfulness meditation before starting their day. Mindfulness offers not only spiritual benefits, it also helps you […]

Peeling off your Layers – Koshas

PEELING OFF YOUR LAYERS – KOSHAS KOSHAS Let’s remember Yoga is a system of techniques and information we use for physical and spiritual liberation and is designed to be accessible. Some aspects of it then will be generalizations, in fact, all forms all generalizations, but helpful for pointing us in the correct direction. It is the […]

What is Karma?

WHAT IS KARMA? KARMA How does it work and where did it come from? Karma is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means action. Within the backdrop of Vedantic and buddhist philosophy, and the growing momentum of humans to experience the workings of the universe and our own spirituality, it has more connotations. It often comes […]

Meditation Tips

MEDITATION TIPS VIKASA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Meditation can seem like a daunting practice, but it can actually be quite simple when correct techniques are applied…here I will tell you the key elements that will lead you to your own successful meditative process. With regular enough practice to build up a connection within, you might feel the benefit and […]

Successful Habits

SUCCESSFUL HABITS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BREAK LAZINESS The awareness of “being” is very important to me in my teaching. It’s practice to be able to abide peacefully in yourself and know a more fundamental sort of identity. It’s what you do differently after experiencing it to live more genuinely and go even closer to the soul. […]

Healing & Yoga

HEALING & YOGA THE HEALING OF TOUCH AND YOGA While you have probably been keeping an eye open for different super foods, detox theories, or other healing magic bullet that might be out there, hopefully you haven’t over looked one of the most powerful, and available methods of healing: Touch. Touch is an intimate phenomenon. When […]

How to Sit for Meditation

HOW TO SIT FOR MEDITATION CLASSICAL MEDITATION POSES Meditation Asana Meditation Asana share two main features; an upright spine and stability. The spine, up right in extension, provides the mental poise needed for sustained concentration. Stability calms all systems and gives us more internal awareness. In classic meditation poses the legs cross and the thighs form […]