This private instruction yoga program is designed for experienced yoga practitioners who want to go deeper in their personal yoga journey. Meet your unique yoga goals or advance your offerings as a yoga teacher.

Invest In Your Personal Evolution

Time spent deepening is always well invested.

Show Up and Trust the Process

You’ll be guided by our experienced Vikasa teachers on a program curated to meet your needs and goals as a practitioner.

7 Day Program in Koh Samui

Spend a week in tropical paradise without distraction and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Thailand.

Ongoing Support and Evolution

Leave feeling empowered with a 30 day post-stay program and continue your transformational journey at home.

Learn At Vikasa Yoga Retreat

The Deepen course is privately led by teachers who are all Vikasa graduates themselves, with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Our experienced staff provide personal, hands-on, private instruction to ensure safe practice, proper alignment and noticeable growth. This will be presented in one-to-one sessions as well as unlimited access to all Vikasa group yoga classes.

The program has a lot of information to digest, which is why a full workbook is included for you. This provides a useful point of reference when you return home. You will learn how to create your own personalized yoga sequences, designed to address any particular goals or preferences. Learn how to listen to your body and how to use asana to create a balance of strength and flexibility. In addition to asana in both private and group settings, you will go deeper in a one on one setting with meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy.

Through pranayama, we can connect with our true essence. We can get in touch with the innermost self through the stillness and awareness that exists between each breath. Our breath is the main instrument that directs the flow of prana in the body. The life-giving force of prana is the energy that powers our body and its physical systems. You will learn to incorporate advanced pranayama and bandhas into your asana practice.

Yoga On And Off The Mat.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, he described an eight-fold path known as ‘ashtanga’ or Raja yoga. We encourage the study of these teachings as one of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy.

The Deepen course will give an in-depth grounding in the eight components of Ashtanga: yama (self-restraint), niyama (observances), asana (sitting posture), pranayama (breath restraint), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (absorption, union).

Starting with the ten components of yama and niyama, you will build knowledge of the wisdom and philosophy that gave birth to yoga and the Vikasa lifestyle. You will learn how to cultivate principles to guide daily life and how to better understand the asanas and pranayama techniques.

Before addressing the Yoga Sutras, the Deepen course will examine the top afflictions of the mind to better understand the need for integrating yoga philosophy into our daily modern lives.

This is done through the philosophy of ‘klesha’ , or poisons of the mind. Conditions affiliated to kleshas include anxiety, fear, anger, and guilt.

The Deepen program at Vikasa Yoga Retreat runs for 6 nights / 7 days and it’s available year-round. If you want to get a taste of The Vikasa Lifestyle before you arrive at Vikasa for your personal program, and begin your journey towards better health and wellness.







Are you an intermediate or advanced yoga practitioner looking to push past your plateau?

Go Deeper Into Presence

Private one on one yoga sessions will lead to greater physical and mental benefits and a more optimal flow of pranic energy.

Many intermediate practitioners come to us with extensive experience of asanas, particularly from attending group classes. However, they find it challenging to find ways to learn more about the fundamentals of pranayama, purification and theory that are all important components of an authentic yoga practice.

Deepen dedicates private one on one sessions to exploring pranayama and the philosophy that form the basis for Hatha yoga practice. It appeals to those who seek a better-informed approach to a yoga lifestyle. This advanced program is suitable as the next step to becoming a well rounded yoga practitioner or a powerful way to expand your skills as a yoga teacher. Deepen will help you to fill gaps in your existing knowledge and also offer personal development and transformation. Experienced yoga teachers can benefit from this program with the opportunity to gain inspiration and experience the Vikasa Yoga Method and Philosophy.

Push past self. Open to the deep.

The Deepen program focuses on more advanced asanas, such as arm balances and inversions, along with mudras and bandhas. Having a more refined technique allows you to receive maximum benefit from your practice. This also offers greater understanding of anatomy and how the physical practice can enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The private program syllabus also focuses on rarely taught pranayama and meditation techniques. Some of the advanced techniques include Nauli and Bhastrika pranayama. Enhanced awareness of these ancient techniques can help to reduces stress and balance the body and mind connection.

The Deepen program will take you through the nuances of bandhas, the energetic locks that assist the correct movements of prana in our bodies, all in a private session environment with our experienced instructors. Experience how these techniques will both advance and deepen your yoga experience.

Another key aspect of the Deepen course is purification, through the six cleansing actions of Shatkarma. Shatkarma is practiced in preparation for pranayama and asana.

Advanced Yoga Program with Personal Coaching in Koh Samui

The Deepen program is a 6 night, 7 day retreat. This program is available year-round and the rates are all inclusive of your room, delicious healthy meals, the full program, learning materials and selected spa treatments.

Check the full inclusion list and sample schedule in our information sheet.

Deepen Program


$1,689 / Week

Rates vary based on room selection.

What’s included:

Program Work Book

Private Yoga Classes

Spa and Workshops

Private Coaching Sessions

Group Classes


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Covered Topics



Safely practice advanced poses.



Breath, practice and techniques.



Practice awareness and find focus.



Learn to master energy control.



Up-level your personal flows.



Advanced asana alignment.



Deepen and diversify your wisdom.



The science of body mechanics.


Stress Relief

Learn techniques for a relaxed life.



Discover the Vikasa lifestyle.



Fuel your body for ultimate health.


Self Love

Cultivate and reconnect to self.

A Koh Samui Wellness Retreat Designed For You

Curious about our wellness retreat? Get a taste of the Vikasa Lifestyle before you arrive for your personal coaching program.

Start familiarizing yourself with our approach to living your healthiest and most authentic life. Get tips on healthy eating, stress management, gratitude practice and more. You’ll be well on your way to wellness with a head start in the right direction. No preparation is needed before the Begin program, however, it’s never a bad time to start eating right and implementing small changes. We believe that shocking the system with a huge lifestyle change may be less beneficial than implementing small daily adjustments.

Our programs are designed to give you a lasting shift in behavior with a solid game plan for when you return home. Your success is our success and we want to see you follow through with the promises you make to yourself. We are here to support your journey but the person who has to take the first step, is you. Download the Vikasa Lifestyle Guide and begin your journey to better health and wellness.


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Enjoy The Experience

The Deepen program will leave you feeling inspired and energized after a week in our beautiful sea view paradise on Koh Samui.

The experience of learning is rewarding, and it starts with the feeling of being challenged by new concepts. Be surrounded by the Vikasa community, not only the Vikasa experts, which will further inspire and enhance your yoga journey. The feeling of a common goal and shared values fosters the perfect environment for learning and connecting with your innermost self.

As you develop your asana, meditation and pranayama, as well as enjoying the delicious food at the Vikasa Life Café, you will feel a rush of wellbeing. Your nervous system will be calmer; you will be able to live and focus in the present. Most importantly, by the end of the week you will have a sense of accomplishment, having learned a new set of tools to support you in your daily routine which are far beyond what you can learn in a regular yoga class.

Feel a sense of achievement as you deepen your practice, enhance your mindset and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Arrive to Vikasa with a decision to try something new, meet new people, eat new things, push your boundaries and embrace all there is to experience. This is the mindset for transformation.

The Long-Term Benefits



Take your technique and expertise to a deeper level.



Prevent injury and feel lighter by becoming more flexible.



Learn how to manage the corners of your mind on a new level.



Your overall energy, endurance and enthusiasm will increase.


Level Up

Bring your new skill set back to your own yoga students.



Become sharper, wiser and more aware of your body, mind and decisions.



Feel the welcoming embrace and make new friends.



Improve the quality of your sleep cycles for optimized energy.


Live in alignment with your intentions and actions.

Deepen your yoga journey both on and off the yoga mat with the guidance of your private coach.

Guest Experiences

Check out these testimonials from our past guests to get a sense of the transformation they experienced.

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For a more detailed review, you might consider reaching out to our alumni network to ask them first-hand about their experience at Vikasa.

About Vikasa Yoga Retreat

Vikasa is truly a paradise location which adds an extra dimension to your yoga practice as a whole.

The environment is conducive to relaxing where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle and focus inwards on your practice and spiritual growth. Here at Vikasa our core values are the three ways in which consciousness expands. This expansion starts with the self, it grows through our minds, bodies and energy until we are powerful motivators of connection and manifestors of change through our communities and throughout our world.

Vikasa is the ideal healthy lifestyle venue for a yoga training, due to its balance of secluded island paradise, freshly-prepared food and a yoga sala constructed in a beautiful setting and designed to get the best out of students – making it the perfect environment for study.

We are a relaxed establishment where you can unplug and reconnect to something deeper in a meaningful way.

Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui offers several types of accommodation ranging from simple eco-friendly bamboo bungalows to full-sized rooms. We are not a one-size-fits-all kind of place. Our rooms are democratically priced because we believe this range of accommodation allows for a wider range of students to experience Vikasa.

Tips for choosing your perfect room: If you like to stay close to the beach, check out our red-roofed Prana Cabanas. If you prefer a garden location with a village feeling, try the Lotus Pads. If you don’t want to walk down too many stairs, the Yoga Caves could be a good option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the FAQ or get in touch with one of our instructors for personal assistance.

The benefits of improved asana technique will lead to greater flexibility, strength and improved muscle tone. Yoga reduces muscle tension or inflammation and helps to alleviate and prevent injury. Other physical benefits from advanced asana include cardiovascular health, a balanced metabolism, improved respiration, and greater energy levels. The hectic nature of the modern world can make it difficult to have a calm and clear mind. Among a range of mental and emotional benefits to achieving true tranquility, regular practice of pranayama will help to fight depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. As well as enhanced focus and concentration, meditation also helps us to look for the answers that are only available when we access the higher mind (intuition and unlimited source of creativity). Shatkarma, yogic forms of purification, improves our emotional state and mood by balancing the parasynthetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Shatkarma can also be used to relieve digestive system disorders, hormonal imbalances, sexual and urinary disorders.

Pranayama techniques covered in the Deepen program include:

  • Kapalabhati, a pranayama technique used as a preparatory exercise to cleanse the body before asana practice.
  • Ujjayi pranayama, sometimes referred to as Ocean Breath. It involves breathing in and out deeply through both nostrils while producing a vibration in the throat. This strengthens the diaphragm, calms the breath, and encourages the healthy flow of prana.  

Ujjayi serves as a focal point when working through asana practice, steadying the mind and slowing  down the nervous system.

  • Nadi Shodhana, a breathing exercise that balances the masculine and feminine energies of the body. Creating this balance is calming and helps with concentration.
  • Bhastrika, an advanced pranayama exercise that brings oxygen to the blood and promotes a deeper sense of vitality.
  • Nauli, an advanced pranayama and cleansing technique that engages the transverse abdominals and acts as an internal massage across your visceral organs.


Vikasa is located on Koh Samui, which is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. Vikasa is in the south east corner of the island, in between Chaweng Noi and Lamai. Vikasa is a 20 minute drive from Koh Samui International Airport (USM) and a 35 minute drive from the Nathon and Lipa Noi ferry terminals.

The best way to get to Vikasa is to fly into Koh Samui International Airport (USM).  There are daily flights into Koh Samui from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and others.  We will arrange your pick up from the airport.

This will depend on where you are from. For details of Thailand’s visa arrangements with specific countries see here:

Although tourist visas are generally required, there is an exemption for travellers from 30 countries (Australia, UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden and others) who wish to travel to Thailand for 30 days or less. If you are a citizen of one of these countries you do not need to obtain a visa. Note that if you plan to stay for longer than 30 days, it is possible to obtain a short extension from the immigration office on Koh Samui at some point during your stay.

If you are not a citizen of one of the countries with which Thailand has specific visa exemption or waiver arrangements, you will need to obtain a 30, 60 or 90 day tourist visa before arriving in Thailand

This program is designed for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners.

Yoga clothes, tropical climate clothes and swimwear.  Yoga mats and props and towels are all provided. You may want to add an excursion to your program such as a waterfall hike, in which case a pair of sneakers would also be handy. If you want to use the Sky Gym during your stay you’ll need gym clothes too. 

The programs are facilitated by specially trained Vikasa staff with significant expertise in their field. You will receive input from a number of practitioners during your stay.

Koh Samui is a beautiful tropical island located in the Gulf of Thailand.  It is approximately 90 minutes from the mainland via ferry, but is easily accessible via airplane.  It has a population of around 70,000 people and has key infrastructure such as a small international airport, good medical facilities (including hospitals), banking facilities (including ATMs), good wifi coverage and good roads.  It is possible to drive around the entire island in around 90 minutes, and visitors generally either travel via scooter or taxi as walking is difficult.  Vikasa is located between Chaweng Noi and Lamai in a quiet area of the island.  It is possible to walk from Vikasa to nearby beaches, but guests generally stay on the Vikasa premises or rent scooters or taxis for trips to nearby markets and shopping malls.  The weather is generally hot year round, with temperatures often around 30 degrees celsius.

We recommend that participants download the free lifestyle guide and read up on the Vikasa Lifestyle before arrival. If you don’t have time to read it that’s ok too, we will review some content during your program. 

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