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Vikasa offers a range of 7-day programs that focus on personal development and transformation via one-on-one coaching. We provide a supportive, positive environment in which to thrive and reach your personal goals. Improve physical fitness, weight management, enhance mental health, or simply feel rejuvenated and look healthier.

Experience a Curated Wellness retreat with Personal Yoga Trainers in Koh Samui

Each of our courses includes personalized one-to-one sessions with our yoga instructors, nutritionists, and other qualified professionals who can adapt your program to your specific needs and experience level. Most of our personal wellness programs are accessible to everyone – no previous experience of yoga or meditation necessary.


The Begin program is designed to support yoga beginners as they create a solid platform for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.


The Recharge program teaches ways to manage stress, create balance and harness the benefits of healthy lifestyle.


The Rise program provides a yoga-based kick-start to the healing process, in an empowering and nurturing way.


The Wake program offers time and space for awareness, self realization and moments of pure consciousness


The Vitox program is a holistic journey to cleanse, reset and start afresh to find the most radiant version of you.


The Deepen program is for experienced yoga practitioners who want to go deeper in their personal yoga journey.

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7-Day Wellness Coaching Programs in Thailand

Learn about your innermost feelings, your spirit and their connection with your external environment.

The pressures of modern life can create states of fear and anxiety. It is understandable to feel like this, but be assured that whenever there is difficulty, there is hope. Sometimes we are troubled by something unseen but felt in our deepest consciousness. We can sense an imbalance in the energy around us, but we are not sure what to do to create harmony and tranquillity. We all strive to find a calmer, peaceful existence, but sometimes we need support and a helping hand on our journey. Happiness is a choice. It is within your reach to start afresh and lead the kind of life that best nurtures your wellbeing.

We offer the opportunity to learn about your innermost feelings, your spirit, and their connection with your external environment. Vikasa’s approach to wellness coaching enables people to develop, beginning with an underlying physical foundation, imparting evolution of the mind and spirit. In addition to learning, you will also have the chance to relax and enjoy your time in our tropical paradise: all packages include pampering with multiple treatments at the Vikasa Bliss Spa.

Private yoga coaching will introduce you to a new dimension.

Beginning your wellness journey with a personal program will transform a seemingly standard yoga mat from a random rectangle of rubber into a magic portal that keeps you grounded, connected and open. It’s a safe place that doesn’t take up much space, rolls up in the corner, and can teach you more about yourself than you imagined.

Thousands of years ago sages of ancient India developed techniques we now call yoga to create a connection with their innermost essence. This is now practiced worldwide as a way to control stress, and to maintain balance and focus. Even among experienced practitioners, there are a range of opinions on what yoga actually is, but all agree that at yoga’s core is spirituality. There are multiple physical, physiological and spiritual benefits of keeping pranic energy moving freely within the body.

A Koh Samui Wellness Retreat Designed For You

Curious about our wellness retreat? Get a taste of the Vikasa Lifestyle before you arrive for your personal coaching program.

Start familiarizing yourself with our approach to living your healthiest and most authentic life. Get tips on healthy eating, stress management, gratitude practice and more. You’ll be well on your way to wellness with a head start in the right direction. No preparation is needed before the Begin program, however, it’s never a bad time to start eating right and implementing small changes. We believe that shocking the system with a huge lifestyle change may be less beneficial than implementing small daily adjustments.

Our programs are designed to give you a lasting shift in behavior with a solid game plan for when you return home. Your success is our success and we want to see you follow through with the promises you make to yourself. We are here to support your journey but the person who has to take the first step, is you. Download the Vikasa Lifestyle Guide and begin your journey to better health and wellness.


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The 9 Lifestyle Pillars Behind Our Programs



How you perceive situations can meaningfully shape your life and the way you live it, and how this makes you feel. Choosing a positive mental outlook can help with all aspects of your life, but sometimes it can be challenging to be upbeat in a world saturated with negativity. You can shape your own environment; if you focus your energy into something, it will flourish and in turn it will help you evolve into a happier and more confident person. You can teach yourself to avoid thoughts of fear and frustration and believe in yourself and your goals, leading to success.



While some find spirituality through organised religion, we prefer to define spirituality as self-awareness, following the guidance of our innermost essence. Spirituality can be the foundation for the pursuit of wisdom, finding long-term peace with ourselves and those around us, providing a platform for us to process life’s challenges. We can learn how to remain calm in extreme situations and to make the best decisions that we can in such circumstances. It also teaches us empathy with our community. Spirituality provides the tools to make interpersonal connections more easily.

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You are the only person that will invest enough time and love in yourself to create personal growth. If you have the motivation to develop yourself emotionally, then you can achieve anything. It can be challenging to maintain self-discipline, particularly when major lifestyle adjustments are required. To achieve our goals, we have to discard bad habits and stick to a routine that enforces positive decisions. The proper motivation and self-respect will make better choices habitual and natural. The more you value your wellbeing, the more likely you are to make better decisions for yourself.

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Being creative does not mean you have to possess outstanding talent. It only requires you surrender to the process of creating something new. By blocking out external distractions and devoting our attention to a task, simple or complex, we can live in the moment and contribute to our overall happiness. Learning to focus and create enables us to remove negative elements from our mind and enhance our overall wellbeing. Taking the time to visualise something, then to breathe life into it is rewarding and develops the ability to think clearly about the positive.

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Many of us lead a sedentary existence, with limited opportunity to exercise and maintain a decent level of fitness. Modern life allows us to work, eat and live every day without any form of significant physical activity. A healthy body is closely linked to sound mental wellbeing; extensive research has shown the benefits of regular exercise with regard to anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Exercise can complement meditation and breathing techniques to improve quality of life. The Vikasa Lifestyle is more than just exercise, but an active body is a key component.

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The link between diet and health is backed by both eastern philosophy and the western healthcare industry alike. Do you find that after you eat, you are sleepy and have no energy? Perhaps you often experience indigestion, bloating, or heartburn? Instead of reacting to this situation with medicine, why not go to the root of the problem? It may be time to change what you are eating and how you consume it. Our nutrition programs such as Vitox, The Evolution of Detox, can help you feel the opposite after eating; light and full of energy, vibrant and even creative.

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Environment, your surroundings, the ambience, the aroma, the people near to you, the quality of air that you breathe, how these stimuli make you feel; they all affect your wellbeing whether or not you are conscious of it. You are always free to adapt better to your current environment and evolve to contribute to it. Poor air quality can lead to respiratory problems, lack of sunlight can lead to vitamin D deficiency. Restrictive belief systems and negativity in the media we consume can prevent personal growth and stop us from reaching our goals. Learn how to distinguish between influences and build yourself a more positive environment.

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The modern world and the demands placed on working people to strive to be successful can take a heavy toll on the body and mind, and saturation of negative messages doesn’t just increase anxiety, but can also mean negative self-image. It’s easy to feel like we will never have enough or have as much as other people we compare ourselves to. We believe a healthy relationship with resources is part of living a well-balanced life. Accepting that you deserve love as much as you deserve an abundance of health and wealth are crucial to feeling like your true self. You are enough. Just the way you are, where you are and who you are right now.

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Surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people can help you to leave behind behaviour patterns that inhibit evolution of the self. Find your new ‘tribe’, a support network of people who share your aspiration to evolve. They will help you to make decisions that are best for you in your journey of personal development. You can contact them when things seem particularly difficult and provide support when they are having a tough day. It can be difficult to let go of lifestyle choices and groups of friends that do not support you in seeking to optimise your personal value system; you don’t have to do this alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the FAQ or get in touch with one of our instructors for personal assistance.

Vikasa is located on Koh Samui, which is an island in the Gulf of Thailand.  Vikasa is in the south east corner of the island, in  between Chaweng Noi and Lamai.  Vikasa is a 20 minute drive from Koh Samui International Airport (USM) and a 35 minute drive from the Nathon and Lipa Noi ferry terminals.

The best way to get to Vikasa is to fly into Koh Samui International Airport (USM).  There are daily flights into Koh Samui from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and others.  We will arrange your pick up from the airport.

This will depend on where you are from.  For details of Thailand’s visa arrangements with specific countries see here:

Although tourist visas are generally required, there is an exemption for travellers from 30 countries (Australia, UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden and others) who wish to travel to Thailand for 30 days or less.  If you are a citizen of one of these countries you do not need to obtain a visa.  Note that if you plan to stay for longer than 30 days, it is possible to obtain a short extension from the immigration office on Koh Samui at some point during your stay.

If you are not a citizen of one of the countries with which Thailand has specific visa exemption or waiver arrangements, you will need to obtain a 30, 60 or 90 day tourist visa before arriving in Thailand

Most programs are suitable for participants of all levels. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to commit. Some programs have some suggested pre- requisites – check the individual program details to confirm.

Yoga clothes, tropical climate clothes and swimwear.  Yoga mats and props and towels are all provided. You may want to add an excursion to your program such as a waterfall hike, in which case a pair of sneakers would also be handy. If you want to use the Sky Gym during your stay you’ll need gym clothes too.

The programs are facilitated by specially trained Vikasa staff with significant expertise in their field. You will receive input from a number of practitioners during your stay.

Koh Samui is a beautiful tropical island located in the Gulf of Thailand.  It is approximately 90 minutes from the mainland via ferry, but is easily accessible via airplane.  It has a population of around 70,000 people and has key infrastructure such as a small international airport, good medical facilities (including hospitals), banking facilities (including ATMs), good wifi coverage and good roads.  It is possible to drive around the entire island in around 90 minutes, and visitors generally either travel via scooter or taxi as walking is difficult.  Vikasa is located between Chaweng Noi and Lamai in a quiet area of the island.  It is possible to walk from Vikasa to nearby beaches, but guests generally stay on the Vikasa premises or rent scooters or taxis for trips to nearby markets and shopping malls.  The weather is generally hot year round, with temperatures often around 30 degrees celsius.

We recommend that participants download the free lifestyle guide and read up on the Vikasa Lifestyle before arrival. If you don’t have time to read it that’s ok too, simply bring an open mind and an open heart.

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