Relax. Nothing is Under Control

7 Ways to Flex Your Power & Make a Difference During Times of Uncertainty Information is changing at an alarming rate as we try to navigate this unique pandemic situation. The sea of contradicting opinions can cause confusion, stress and anxiety. We are becoming more aware than ever of our role as individuals and our […]

Sweet But Sour: The Icky Truth about Sugar

SWEET BUT SOUR: THE ICKY TRUTH ABOUT SUGAR Is a vegan diet healthier, or a paleo one? Is fat good or bad for you? Should you be restricting carbs? You’ll find experts on all sides of these and other diet-related issues. Equally informed people can hold wildly differing perspectives on nutrition – and the prevailing views change […]

Stress Less: 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress on a Daily Basis

STRESS LESS: 5 EASY WAYS TO REDUCE STRESS ON A DAILY BASIS In today’s society, stress is nearly ubiquitous. And it’s no surprise, considering how many obligations most of us take on – not to mention the tendency to be connected and plugged in at all times. But chronic stress takes a major toll on […]

Breath and the Brain: How Yogic Breathing Affects Brain Function

BREATH AND THE BRAIN: HOW YOGIC BREATHING AFFECTS BRAIN FUNCTION It’s not hard to see that asana affects the body in specific ways, like building strength and flexibility. The medical and scientific community has also produced evidence on the effects of meditation, ranging from less anxiety to better sleep. But breathwork is equally important in […]

Beauty Starts Within: Foods for Your Skin, Hair, and Nails

BEAUTY STARTS WITHIN: FOODS FOR YOUR SKIN, HAIR, AND NAILS Who doesn’t want clearer skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails? When we think about how to get them, most people think mainly of cleansers, ointments, and creams. And while these topical products can make a huge difference, nutrition is often a forgotten element when it […]

Staying Hydrated: Why Our Bodies Need Water

STAYING HYDRATED: WHY OUR BODIES NEED WATER Improving health and wellness can take many different forms. For example, you might start a new workout regimen, take up meditation, go vegan, or give up alcohol. But smaller changes can be equally important, and one habit that impacts the body in big ways is staying hydrated. Why is it […]

Golden Chia Jar Recipe

GOLDEN CHIA JAR RECIPE This delicious Golden pudding is full of natural antioxidants, energizers and detoxifiers that not only taste delicious but make you feel fantastic as well! Straight from our kitchen at Vikasa Life Cafe, enjoy this recipe with friends (it makes four puddings!) or keep it all to yourself! Chia Layer Blend well […]

Top Wellness Trends to Watch in 2019

TOP WELLNESS TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2019 At Vikasa, we believe in being educated and informed about the latest ideas in the wellness world. New wellness trends are forever popping up, giving us new ways to eat, move, medicate, and even clean our homes. Some of these trends are short-lived fads (remember The Zone Diet, […]

Chocolate-Coated Granola Snack Bars

CHOCOLATE-COATED GRANOLA SNACK BARS These bars are a favorite on our Signature Yoga Vacations because they make the perfect pre or post yoga snack! They also are a great fast recipe to mix up on the weekend so you have a healthy snack or dessert on hand throughout the week that will fuel you naturally. The mix […]

DIY Coconut and Almond Milk

DIY ALMOND & COCONUT MILKS With more and more people moving away from regular dairy milk, plant-based milk alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. At Vikasa Life Cafe, we use both of these delicious dairy alternatives frequently! Common plant-based milk options are made with nuts, seeds or coconut and they still retain the creamy texture and consistency […]