The 3 Most Common Yoga Injuries – and How to Avoid Them

THE 3 MOST COMMON YOGA INJURIES – AND HOW TO AVOID THEM People usually come to yoga because they want to feel good or improve their health. So it’s surprising to hear that yoga can actually be a cause of injury; in fact, yoga injuries are alarmingly common. But that’s not to say they’re inevitable. While there’s […]

Cold is Cool: The Many Benefits of Practicing Ishnaan (Cold Water Therapy)

THE MANY BENEFITS OF PRACTICING ISHNAAN (COLD WATER THERAPY) Cold showers are almost universally loathed – but what if they could be used as a tool for healing and well-being? It might make you cringe, but many yogis and other wellness experts say they can. Ishnaan, or cold water therapy, is touted with producing a […]

Shoulderstand: Practicing the Queen of Asanas

SHOULDERSTAND: PRACTICING THE QUEEN OF ASANAS Yoga teachers often give students a few minutes at the end of class to do any poses of their choosing. And there’s one pose that seems to be a common choice for more experienced yogis: shoulder stand (or Sarvangasana). For many, shoulder stand is more than just another pose. […]

Headstand: Practicing the King of Asanas

HEADSTAND: PRACTICING THE KING OF ASANAS For many yogis, headstand (or sirsasana) is an integral part of the yoga practice. In fact, it’s often called the king of all poses. (If you’re wondering, shoulderstand is considered to be the queen!) Benefits of Headstand Inversions are a special component of the yoga practice because they put the body in positions […]

Just Right: How to practice Brahmacharya (moderation) in the modern world

JUST RIGHT: HOW TO PRACTICE BRAHMACHARYA (MODERATION) IN THE MODERN WORLD As any dedicated yogi will tell you, yoga is so much more than a physical practice. If you dive into the tradition, the concepts of yogic philosophy will influence your thought patterns, your understanding of the world, the way you treat yourself, and the […]

Fascinating Fascia: Five ways to tap into your connective tissue

FASCINATING FASCIA: FIVE WAYS TO TAP INTO YOUR CONNECTIVE TISSUE When you think about anatomy as it relates to asana, you probably think first of the muscles and bones. If pressed, maybe you’d then think of the tendons and ligaments that connect your muscles and bones to each other. But there’s another type of connective […]

5 yoga poses for more energy all day long

5 YOGA POSES FOR MORE ENERGY ALL DAY LONG If there’s one thing most of us wish we had more of, it’s energy. Between long workdays, late nights, and stress about everything from money to family, there’s no question that most people are too busy, too worried, and not rested enough. Add a caffeine or […]

Why the Best Yoga Teachers Are Students First

WHY THE BEST YOGA TEACHERS ARE STUDENTS FIRST “Those who can’t do, teach,” is an old adage that’s relevant in many avenues of life. But it really doesn’t apply to yoga. First, there’s no such thing as being bad at yoga, especially if you see it as a lifestyle rather than something to check off […]

3 Yoga Poses You Probably Don’t Do Enough

3 YOGA POSES YOU PROBABLY DON’T DO ENOUGH Think about how many yoga poses you’ve ever encountered, and then about how many you do on a regular basis. You may realize you tend to avoid certain poses but do others in every practice. Or maybe there are poses you do very briefly, even though you […]

5 Things to Know Before You Try Yin Yoga

5 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU TRY YIN YOGA From Baptiste and Anusara to hip-hop flow and goat yoga, there are almost too many yoga styles out there to count. But one thing almost all these styles have in common is that they’re active yang practices. However, yin practices, which are passive and still, are […]