Vikasa Founder Kosta Miachin : Yoga Beginnings and Choosing Happiness

Kosta Miachin Yoga teacher Vikasa yoga

FROM INTERNATIONAL DJ TO YOGA TEACHER   Meet Vikasa founder Kosta Miachin and hear his journey from a lifestyle of parties and emptiness, to one of yoga, fulfilment and happiness. In my early twenties, I didn’t have a clue about yoga or wellness. In fact, I’d never even heard of yoga. I was into partying, […]

The Benefits of Having a Personal Yoga Trainer

personal yoga trainer and guest on yoga retreat for beginners

EVOLVE YOUR PRACTICE. EVOLVE YOUR LIFE   There are an abundance of group yoga classes available these days all over the world, so why invest in a personal yoga trainer?  The truth is, no matter how accessible and convenient group classes are, there is only so much you can learn in a group environment. Taking […]

Plant Based Bowl Recipes : Inspiration from the Life Cafe

signature plant based bowl recipe at vikasa life cafe

FUEL YOUR BODY : THE BOWL APPROACH Bowls are actually more of a concept, rather than just the process of assembling ingredients and eating them out of a bowl. The bowl approach ensures that you have a hearty and delicious meal that fuels you with all your nutritional needs in one bowl. This means you […]

Vikasa X Flo Coffee Collaboration

Vikasa coffee collaboration

VIKASA COFFEE : LOVE IN A CUP Let’s be honest here, in pre-covid times, Vikasa’s coffee wasn’t something you eagerly raced for after your morning yoga class. It was basic store-purchased coffee, brewed by baristas without special training, using a basic boncafe machine. The end result was coffee that tasted very bitter or burnt – […]

7 Benefits of Doing Yoga Outdoors

As it becomes more common to work indoors, people’s time outside has decreased dramatically. Unfortunately, the health and wellness that the outdoors can affect decreases with it. Practicing yoga outside allows us to slow down, take note of what’s around us, and begin to reap the benefits of nature once again. Have you been considering […]

Top 5 Beaches around Vikasa

TOP 5 BEACHES AROUND VIKASA Koh Samui is famous for packing some of the most pretty beaches in Thailand, where basking under the palm trees comes along with fun activities to match. Luckily, Vikasa Yoga Retreat is within easy reach from the best beaches in Koh Samui. We promise you would want to cross off below […]

Never Too Busy: Making Time for Kindness and Connection

MAKING TIME FOR KINDNESS AND CONNECTION Today’s culture preaches that busyness is a good thing. That it’s something to aspire to and brag about, that it’s a marker of success. But in reality, being “busy” usually just means being overworked, exhausted, and stretched too thin. It becomes impossible to be our best selves, connect with others, […]

Alone VS Lonely: How to Find the Right Kind of Solo Time

ALONE VS LONELY: HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT KIND OF SOLO TIME While “being busy” was once a badge of honor (and still is, in some circles), many are starting to push back against that way of thinking. Now, we read more and more about the importance of getting enough sleep and taking real vacations. But something else […]

Making Amends for Bad Behavior

MAKING AMENDS FOR BAD BEHAVIOR: HOW TO APOLOGIZE (AND MEAN IT) We’ve all done things we regret, things that caused pain to someone else. While we wish we could go back in time and undo it, we can’t. All we can affect is what happens going forward. And that starts with an apology. But apologizing […]

New Year, New Habits: 5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Resolutions in 2020

5 EASY STEPS TO KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS IN 2020 For most of us, the final days of the year are a period of reflection, planning, and – of course – setting New Year’s resolutions. While the bad news (as we all know) is that many people fail to keep their resolutions, the good news is […]