Vikasa Bliss Spa

When was the last time you experienced true Bliss? Vikasa Bliss Spa is a rustic blend of authentic Thai tradition, ancient wisdom and modern expertise. Lost in the moment doing the thing that makes your heart sing. Vikasa invites you to return home to your natural state of bliss. Our thoughtful yet humble spa provides soul soothing, down-to-earth relaxation. Revitalize your inner glow while listening to the sounds of the ocean below. In response to classic spas with sterile environments, Bliss offers a soulfully rustic and healing environment. Here at Bliss, you can strip off your stress, and return to your true self. With authentic Thai face, body & massage services as well as lifestyle programs, mind, health & intuitive healing services, you’re sure to find something to melt into pure Bliss.

Holistic Lifestyle.

The Vikasa Lifestyle is a holistic approach to wellness which involves all aspects of personal evolution of the mind, body and energy. Self care is a very important part of this approach to health. Self care can be described as anything that improves your heath, including massage, facials and even alternative therapy such as energy work. We all need to release energy and tap into our natural state of bliss. We invite you to discover your Bliss in our on-site health and wellness spa. With authentic Thai face, body & massage services as well as healthy lifestyle programs, mind, wellness & intuitive healing services, you are sure to find something that resonates at Bliss Spa. Special arrangements for inclusive spa packages can be tailored to suit your program or special needs.

Therapy in Nature.

Our Spa area brings together a variety of environments. It offers the authentic feel of Thailand with a shared treatment space as well as the option for more private experiences. Private sessions are held in a special air-conditioned treatment room or one of our stunning salas directly overlooking the sea. The shared open space supports privacy while maintaining the traditional community spa experience popular in the East. Our private sea view spa salas sit just above the sea and and have thatched roofs for shade. Nestled in tropical greenery, you’re invited to enjoy your treatment in the middle of nature. As you relax into a soothing massage or deep tissue therapy, the gentle sound of the waves promotes peacefulness.

Expert Therapists.

Get back to the basics with us. Our qualified healers will help gently pull your consciousness into the raw reality of the present. At Bliss you can snuggle into cathartic sensory experiences and shed the static of your monkey mind. Switch off all your ruminations and allow yourself to transcend the now. We’ll send you off recharged, inspired by nature, and prepped to step into a state of flow. This outdoor haven was crafted with love and geared to calm the senses. Built into the rocky hillside overlooking the ocean below Bliss is the place to bathe in the glow of Samui’s powerful healing environment. During your treatment of choice, you’ll feel the kiss of the sea breeze on your skin and the sound of crashing waves in your ears.

VIKASA Bliss Spa is open daily from 10am until 7pm.


Bliss Spa is perched on a cliff-side overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand, you’ll enjoy a traditional massage in a beautiful setting of glistening, brilliant blue ocean, tall coconut trees and lush greenery. The spa is located at the bottom of the property, right over the ocean. Walk past Life Cafe and down the infamous stairs, follow the signs to pure bliss.


The five elements are the essence of the entire world, both within and outside of you. Balance your body and mind by connecting with one of the elements in this soothing aromatic massage. Select one of our exclusive essential oil blends to benefit from their influence on your character and natural abilities. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and allow your inner guide to choose which healing oil will best balance your current state.


Centuries ago, a dynamic therapy based on yoga and Ayurveda was born in the temples of Thailand. In this unique healing system, a therapist guides you through a series of postures while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. When combined, these actions help relieve muscular tension, improve circulation and balance the body’s energy centres. Enjoy a 400-year-old traditional Thai body treatment which offers a host of therapeutic benefits to the recipient, including anti-inflammatory, local analgesic and muscle relaxing properties. Unwind and relax as your therapist integrates warm herbal compression techniques with massage, encouraging your pores to open, your body to detoxify and your muscles and soft tissue to release, regenerate and repair.


We believe the natural environment has a profound and direct impact on your treatment. That’s why we took extra care to design a spa which floats over the ocean and the cliff rocks below. There really is nothing quite like listening to the sound of the crashing waves below while you’re getting expertly massaged.

Local tradition in a community setting.

Unlike the West, where spa treatments are given in private settings, many of our services are offered in the traditional Thai way—in an environment of community. In Thai tradition, massage is performed on comfortable mats on the floor. While you may share the massage sala with one or two other guests during your treatment, rest assured you will be able to maintain complete modesty, and enjoy semi-private screening from other guests. If you would prefer more privacy, our spa has a comfortable, double, air-conditioned treatment room and a peaceful outdoor pagoda, built onto a rocky cliff overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand. This chill-zone is technology free by design, liberated from the daily grind and refreshingly phone-free.

BLISS / blîs: a condition of supreme, extreme or perfect happiness

Alternative Healing.

Alternative Healing Therapies are healing methodologies that differ from the usual line of treatment than that of a doctor. In other words therapeutic practices that are currently not considered as an integral part of conventional medical practice are classified as alternate healing therapies or alternate medicine. Many a times the benefits and healing abilities of these therapies are established through research, other times they may be unproven scientifically. With alternate healing therapies, healing, treatment and cure may be achieved through diet, self healing mechanism of the human body, various energies, herbal and other supplements and much more. Few of these healing techniques are thousand of years older than conventional medicines. Over the last couple of decades there has been a renewed interest in holistic and natural healing and thus various alternative healing therapies have found acceptance.

The path to wellness is a journey, not a destination.

One Yogi's quest for her perfect spa match

Let me slice through the BS straight to full disclosure. I am not a glamorous yogi. My asanas aren't Instagram-grade. The pants I wore to class yesterday have a few holes earned from a brush with death between a semi-truck and my motorbike. My nails aren't filed and my sundried hair doesn’t always smell like plumerias. I like yoga, but when it comes to the polished veneer of the yoga world, most of the time I just can't be arsed.

Body care treatments are any yogi’s delight. There’s nothing quite as heavenly as surrendering to a pair of strong hands when you need it most and nothing better than having your muscles to goo after a straight week of practice.


Body care treatments are any yogi’s delight. There’s nothing quite as heavenly as surrendering to a pair of strong hands when you need it most and nothing better than having your muscles to goo after a straight week of practice.


Places like this make me feel even more anxious than before I arrive. Do I have to whisper like it’s a library? Should I show up wearing something nice, only to end up getting naked? Wait, should I even get naked? My down-to-earth spirit can’t relax at those spas. How am I supposed to melt into a pool of warm butter when the vibe is so frigid? And what’s with those signs subtly suggesting that customers leave a 30% tip? Nope. High-end spas are just not my bag.


On the other hand, low-end massage isn’t exactly a good idea. I mean, it’s body care, and we’ve all had weird experiences with “healers” who were “trained” by their cousin’s brother’s shaman’s neighbor and don’t actually know the first thing about anatomy. You don’t want someone like that messing with your energy systems or worse, your neck.


I struggled with this dilemma during my first days on Koh Samui. Where does an inelegant yogi go for a good massage?


I searched far and wide, friend, believe me. Each day, like the massage slut I am, I hopped around from shop to shop, looking for a heaven-on-Earth spot to provide my fix. But it was more of the same. White fluffy robes and animal towel art on one side of the spectrum and a sketchy lack of qualifications on the other.


Then I found Bliss.


It shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that I’m a fan of Vikasa’s Bliss Spa since I’m a long standing preacher spouting the gospel of the magical place known as Vikasa. Incase you don’t already know, Vikasa is a Yoga Retreat built into a hillside on the east side of Samui. And apparently, they have a spa as well. Who knew?


The first time I went to Vikasa, I met my friend for lunch at the resort’s open-air restaurant, which sits atop the hill overlooking a gobsmacking view of the sea and Chaweng beach to the north.


My friend, a longtime expat local and fanatical Vikasa groupie, urged me to take my massage-shop sluttery to Bliss for an oil-glistened roll in the hay.


I squinted dismissively. “I dunno, dude. I’ve got an aversion to resort spas.”

He snorted. “Nah, it’s not like that. They’re very mellow.”

Mellow, you say?

“Yeah, but they’re good. The Thai masseuses are all medically trained, and the place has alternative treatments too. They’re certified in Reiki and stuff like that.”

Certified, you say?

I was intrigued, so I hit up the front desk after lunch and booked an hour-long oil massage.

At 5:30 the next day, I was led down to my state Bliss. The ‘spa’ was actually not really a spa at all! It’s more of a series of tiny open-air salas built into the rocks by the water. Good omen number one: no ethereal new-age soundtrack. Nothing but the sound of sweet lapping waves.

Good omen number two: Their no-technology policy. All things that beep and buzz are banned, I was told, so I switched off my celly and felt my excitement go up three notches at the prospect of a spa that insists on bringing the vibe down to earth.

Stripping down to my skibbies, I lay on my stomach and looked out over the sunset, feeling it warm me like baking bread as the sea breeze kissed my skin. The Thai masseuse got out her oil and went to town, methodically working the kinks out of my body until I drifted, teetering on that edge between wakefulness and a dream.

An hour later I walked out of there thoroughly blissed out, drunk on my own energy and vowing to return to try the other treatments.

I checked the menu before leaving and saw that my friend was right. They have a nice selection of massages, Reiki, Craniosacral and several other types of treatments. I know fairly little about these things myself, but I’ve always wanted to experience them, particularly at the hands of certified yoga teachers with years of experience in the niche of alternative healing.

I’ll level with you: Bliss isn’t the cheapest date out there but it’s refreshing to see a place that invests in the quality of therapists rather than spa themed gimics. So there you have it, I finally found a gem of a spa that can make a down-to-earth yogi like me feel welcome and fulfill my desire for qualified body care. Thank you, Vikasa Bliss Spa!

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Ancient Rituals.

We offer twelve unique Massage Rituals. These include everything from a signature Elements Oil Massage to an Ancient Indian Champissage head and neck treatment. Our therapists are highly trained in their arts and will accommodate any specific needs you may have. Popular treatments include a full body scrub and cocoon and a Radiant Glow Facial. Also available is our Lymphatic Drainage treatment, to boost your immune system.

Holistic Healing.

In addition to traditional spa experiences, we offer Alternative Healing treatments such as Craniosacral therapy. This modality is especially beneficial for migraines, neck and back pain. Sound Therapy with Himalayan singing bowls, and deep Reiki Energy healing are offered as well. We also offer Chinese Acupressure, Emotional Sovereignty, and Yoga Therapy.To learn more about each treatment, please refer to the spa menu.

East Meets West.

The treatment menu is designed to facilitate balance and rejuvenation. Treatments focus on the integration of body, mind and spirit. We’ve taken the best of East and West so you can choose your preferred path to purification. Our spa menu provides a comprehensive offering of treatments created to address every aspect of the body. This includes relief for everything from muscle tensions to energy blockages that impact everyday life.

Book a Blissful Treament

VIKASA Bliss Spa is open daily from 10am until 7pm.
To make a reservation contact 077-422-232.
Schedule a treatment @ reception or

Get 15% off when you book 3 treatments for the same day.

*Not applicable to aromatherapy or alternative healing.

This exceptional full body spa package is three hours long and includes three treatments. These treatments are brought together to achieve optimal balance in both the physical body and the mind. Beginning with a full body polish using the scrub of your choice, we’ll reveal soft and hydrated skin. This is followed with a Body Cocoon using unique and gentle white clay to draw out impurities. This combination results in a more radiant bodily complexion and increased overall health. To complete the treatment package, you’ll enjoy our relaxing Aroma massage in combination with a special mini-facial. This spa experience is aimed to restore physical and mental harmony and bring a sense of holistic wellbeing.

The Vitox program and detox in general is incompatible with smoking and drinking alcohol. We recommend undergoing programs to remedy specific addictions before undertaking a detox program if foregoing these habits will overshadow your detox experience. In addition, you will have to go without coffee during the Vitox program, but the good news is that we have a tasty, healthy substitute in our blend of chicory root coffee.

The practice of meditation will still the mind as your body undergoes the changes brought about by a new, healthier diet. When meditating, we are able to focus inwardly and control our mental state. We can step back, observing who we really are and what we really want from life rather than short-term fixes that leave a feeling of emptiness afterwards.

You will learn breathing techniques to still the mind, reaching a state of grace and leading you away from the hectic, panic-laden responses to the demands of modern life. You will learn how to evolve as a person, adapting to your environment in a stronger, more sustainable manner. You will learn how to better control your environment and to project positivity rather than vulnerability.

An incredible enhancement to the Vikasa Yoga Experience, this five day program offers a treatment schedule that will address your entire being and bring you into a state of serene bliss. Each day, you’ll be able to choose one of the following treatments at your leisure. Enjoy the additional benefits of true self care alongside your yoga practice and island adventures. Your choices begin with our Signature Deep Tissue massage, a tailor-made treatment that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. It uses various levels of pressure and deep, slow strokes to release tension and break up scar tissue. Also included is our Elements Oil massage. This 90 minute treatment balances the five elements to equalize these energies within you for increased harmony in mind and body. Our authentic Luk Pra Kob massage comes from a 400 year old Thai healing technique. This treatment offers therapeutic benefits including anti-inflammatory, local pain relief and deep muscle relaxation. Warm herbal compresses are integrated into the massage for a truly unique healing ritual. With this package, five treatments are included, and you may choose your favorite experiences from the above options for your final two treatments according to your preference.

This program is the ultimate spa journey, including ten extraordinary days of holistic bliss for mind, body and spirit. In addition to your Vikasa Yoga experience, you’ll be treated to a total of seven soothing spa treatments throughout your stay. This experience is designed to harmonize mind and body and bring you back into a state of serenity, calm, and ease. You can choose the day and time of each treatment according to your own schedule and needs. This package includes a 60 minute body polish designed to bring radiance and renewal to all skin types and renew your natural glow. You’ll be invited to choose from sensuous rose, miraculous Thai Tanaka or delicious coconut & coffee jojoba bead scrub to personalize your experience to your preference. The treatment concludes with gentle application of a nourishing lotion, moisturiser or oil to restore the skin’s natural hydration balance. Next, you’ll enjoy a 60 minute body cocoon treatment made from gentle and detoxifying white clay. This special formula was created to provide deep cleansing and long-lasting hydration. To unite all areas of the body in healing, you’ll also receive our Radiant Glow facial. This five step recipe for glowing skin features white orchid extracts to gently nourish and revitalize leaving a fresh, youthful complexion. Also included is our extraordinary Elements Oil massage, a 90 minute treatment. This unique massage balances the five elements to equalize these energies within you for increased physical and mental harmony. Our 90 minute Thai Oil massage is an invigorating and rhythmic full body treatment. It uses deep pressure with elbows, hands and knees designed to unlock and heal meridian lines in the body. Combined, these clear negative energy and recharge your being. Our gentle and relaxing Back, Neck and Head massage is especially restorative for those who wish to reduce common accumulated muscular tension in these areas. Finally, with our authentic Champissage, we use the Yogic science of Ayurveda in an ancient healing ritual. This treatment is a head, neck and scalp massage with a nourishing coconut oil. It hydrates and heals both hair and scalp for greater hair brilliance and an overall feeling of deep well being and relaxation. Throughout your stay you are welcomed to indulge in one of each of these treatments as your holiday unfolds.

As a courtesy, please provide minimum notice of 1 day before to make changes or cancel your appointment. No-shows and appointments cancelled in less than the required time will be billed in full. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to prepare for your treatment. If you are late for your appointment, you run the risk of your treatment time being reduced.

As a courtesy, please provide minimum notice of 1 day before to make changes or cancel your appointment. No-shows and appointments cancelled in less than the required time will be billed in full. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to prepare for your treatment. If you are late for your appointment, you run the risk of your treatment time being reduced. 

Tipping is generally not expected. However, your therapist would be delighted with 100 baht if you have a particularly Blissful treatment.