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Meet Annie Au. Annie is our Yin Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher offering her special training here at Vikasa in June. Annie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Yin and Trauma informed Yoga, both of which are a little newer to the yoga world than other styles and practices. Annie is one of the leading experts in the field in these modalities and has a rich and expansive history practicing and teaching. Check out her story to yoga below and come and train with her in person this June. Details on the 100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training here. 

Where are you from?

I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Canada. I joined a professional ballet training program when I was 12 and began vigorous dance training throughout my teenage years. In my 20’s, I became a professional contemporary and commercial dancer. I had many wonderful opportunities, such as touring Europe and dancing on a cruise ship that sailed around the world. 

Despite many wonderful opportunities, I always felt something was missing in life. I never felt at home, not anywhere in the world, and definitely not in my body. After retiring from dance, I was searching for my next purpose in life. Feeling extremely lost, I turned to yoga. While I was transitioning out of my dance career, I attended many yoga classes in Canada. I could never recall which styles of yoga I practiced, however, what imprinted in my memory was the collective sound of Om at the beginning and end of each class. I felt held and safe in the vibrational frequency. For the first time in my life, I felt belonged.

Yin yoga with annie au

How did you become interested in Yin Yoga?

Having experienced the healing power of yoga, I decided to take a yoga teacher training in Thailand. I first studied Ashtanga yoga and dedicated myself to this practice for over two years. However, I began to notice my perfectionist pattern re-emerging from my dancing days. I was extremely attached to the physical form of my practice, even to the point I would feel anxious if I couldn’t do certain poses or practice that day. I was surely straying from my healing path.

Yin yoga came into my life when a friend told me about a training in Bangkok. At that time, I was living in Thailand, it felt right to try out a new style of yoga. After all, our bodies subconsciously guide us to what we need. Having only taken a handful of yin classes, I walked into the training with an open mind. The yin training had shown me a new perspective on many levels. On a physical level, I learned that our bodies are unique and no alignment fits everyone. On an emotional level, we get to meet ourselves in the purest forms; in stillness we observe the fluctuation of our thoughts and feelings. Without exaggeration, learning about yin yoga was a spiritual awakening for me. Through yin yoga, I began to understand that life doesn’t happen in a set of structures but instead it flows fluidly.

Now I specialize in trauma-informed yin yoga where I weave neuroscience with yin yoga. My teaching focuses on how yin yoga and somatic practices such as Qi Gong, tapping, sound healing, and acupressure can help regulate the nervous system. In my training, we dive deep into the physiological and psychological impact of trauma and how yin yoga reconnects our bodies and minds. 


How and when did you find Vikasa?

I first learned about Vikasa in 2012. I was teaching yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan and would frequently take a short boat ride to visit Koh Samui. Vikasa had always been a sanctuary for yoga and wellness. Everytime I went to Koh Samui, I would stop by Vikasa for its delicious healthy food and breathtaking scenery. There is still no better place to practice yoga and get to know oneself than at Vikasa Yoga Retreat.


yin pigeon pose

What are your favorite aspects of your work?

I love integrating yoga practices with neuroscience. For thousands of years, yogis have been doing different somatic exercises to settle their minds and cultivate harmony. Nowadays, we have scientific research to support these ancient yogic practices and why they are so efficient. It’s my favorite aspect of my work as I continuously connect the findings in neuroscience with the practice of yin yoga. As well, it’s very rewarding to see my graduates utilizing the set of tools they learned from me to mend their souls and help others. 


Any other interesting facts you want to share?

Oh yes. I recently gave birth to our baby girl. Motherhood is an exciting journey and everyday I get to learn about my daughter and myself better. In retrospect, I am grateful for my spiritual journey as it has prepared me for this very moment. My family and I live in Sri Lanka. It’s such a wonderful island to plant roots and at the same time go to nearby countries like Thailand to keep teaching and sharing. 

yin yoga and sound healing

VIKASA Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Ready to join Annie Au for a deep dive into Yin Yoga? We are offering our Yin Yoga Teacher Training twice in 2024- June 8 – 21 and December 9 – 22. 

This is suitable for all levels and is ideal for Yoga Teachers looking to expand and diversify their skill set and offerings, and for passionate practitioners eager to enjoy a deep immersion into the world of Yin.

Annie teachers from the heart and this unique 100hr course combined Yin Yoga with Trauma Informed Yoga to offer a thorough body of wisdom and practices that can support people to heal, evolve and rejuvenate in body and mind.

Find out all the details here. 

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