5 Couples Yoga Poses You Can Try This Valentine’s Day

5 Couples Yoga Poses You Can Try This Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day, try skipping the chocolates and roses and instead, try unfurling your yoga mat with the one you love with a couples yoga class. Amidst the serene sanctity of synchronized breathing and asana alignment, couples yoga can help to deepen your connection, as well as help to build trust and understanding. If all else fails, you’re sure to have some fun and laughter and the added benefit of sharing quality time together.

The Harmony of Hearts: Benefits of Couples Yoga

Stepping onto the mat as a duo is not only a celebration of love but also an embrace of shared serenity and strength. Couples yoga fosters ample opportunities for strengthening the bond between partners, where each movement and moment is a silent language of mutual trust and support.

Engage in this physical dialogue to uncover layers of increased trust as you and your partner depend on each other for balance and synchronicity. This intertwined yoga practice becomes a conduit for unspoken communication, laying a foundation for deeper understanding and empathy within the relationship.

Beyond the emotional and relational, couples yoga is a harbor of physical and mental wellness. The shared effort brings about relaxation, reduces stress, and invites a certain ebb and flow of energy that is both refreshing and renewing for the mind and body.

Pose 1: Partner Tree Pose

Benefits: Root your relationship in sturdy trust with the Partner Tree Pose. As you both find your balance, experience the growth of mutual support and grounding. This pose celebrates individual stability and shared resilience.

Instructions: Standing side by side, each partner places their exterior foot against the inner thigh of the opposite leg, resembling a mirror image. Reach your arms toward each other, either clasping hands or gently resting palms against one another.


Pose 2: Double Downward Dog

Benefits: Build a canopy of collective strength and playfulness with the Double Downward Dog. This interspersed pose nurtures a sense of safeguarding and mutual reliance while stretching and strengthening various muscles.

Instructions: As one partner assumes the classic Downward Dog pose, the other places hands just in front of their partner’s, lifting their hips towards the sky, using the base partner’s back as a gentle incline. 

Pose 3: Seated Back-to-Back Twist

Benefits: In the Seated Back-to-Back Twist, partners sit with their backs pressed against each other, legs crossed. 

Instructions:With each partner twisting to the opposite side and using their companion’s knee or arm as leverage, this twisting motion initiates a playful dance of movement and support, enhancing spinal mobility and digestion while promoting a spirit of camaraderie.


Pose 4: Partner Chair Pose

Benefits: The synchronicity required in the Partner Chair Pose builds a deep sense of trust between partners, mirroring the interdependent flow found in nature’s own systems.  

Instructions: The Partner Chair Pose introduces a co-created pose where partners stand back-to-back, leaning into each other as they slide down into an imaginary chair. Sharing in the effort required to maintain the pose encourages a balance of patience and endurance, strengthening the thighs and glutes, and underlines the teamwork present in a nurturing relationship.

Pose 5: Partner Boat Pose

Benefits: Chart a course through the waters of connectivity with the Partner Boat Pose. Also called Navasana, is an intimate dialogue without words—yogis must communicate through the language of movement and breath. With each inhale and exhale, partners attune to each other’s rhythm

Instructions: Facing each other, knees bent and toes touching, grasp your partner’s hands and lift your legs up, finding a balance point on your sit bones. The coalescence of core engagement and partnership in this pose paves a path toward enhanced core strength and balance, illuminating trust and interdependence.

More Connection for Valentine’s 

Invite these poses into your Valentine’s celebration and let the shared practice unveil a different facet of your connection. And if you’re feeling inspired to share your journey of connection, we invite you to document your experience and share your #VikasaLoveMoment on Instagram.