Quiz: Which Vikasa Offering is Perfect for You?



At Vikasa, our yoga and wellness offerings have diversified and transformed based on our keen desire to offer something for everyone. 

Whether you are brand new to yoga and ready to roll out your mat for the first time, or whether you’re an experienced yoga teacher looking to deepen and diversify your personal practice or teaching- we have something available across this full spectrum. 

While yoga is the core pillar of all of our offerings, we also specialize in programs and experiences that have different areas of focus- from cleansing and detoxing, to mindset and stress reduction, to sound healing, adventure, spa or healing. 

If you’re new to Vikasa, find out what our key offerings are and which one is best for you in our quiz below. Still unsure?! Send us an email to share@vikasa.com to chat to us personally. 


This is our classic yoga vacation. Available 365 days a year, choose your dates and duration and join us for a healthy yoga getaway. Included is your choice of private accommodation, twice daily delicious buffet meals, unlimited access to our full yoga schedule and access to all Vikasa facilities. The Vikation is perfect for anyone wanting a flexible retreat experience where you can curate your own yoga journey. 

Signature Retreats

Signature Retreats are week-long group retreats led by one of our Vikasa senior teachers. While yoga is a key element of each retreat, each one also has its own unique focus and theme. Choose from Balance, Escape, Silent, Evolve, Thrive or Move. The Signature Retreat is perfect for anyone wanting a more structured retreat week to learn and grow with guided support in a group environment. 

Personal Programs

The Personal Programs are 7 day programs where you work one on one with your own Vikasa wellness coach for the duration of your stay. There are four programs- Begin, Deepen, Recharge and Vitox. Each one includes unlimited yoga classes, private coaching sessions, private yoga sessions, spa treatments, a full workbook and 30 day post stay program. The personalized approach allows you to focus on your unique goals and is designed to offer lifestyle transformation that is sustainable and empowering. 

Yoga Teacher Trainings- 200hr and 300hr

We offer a foundational 200hr yoga teacher training open to anyone seeking a month-long deep dive into yoga either for personal development and/or to become an accredited yoga teacher. The 300hr advanced training is for those who already hold a 200hr certification and are ready to deepen their yoga journey over 5 weeks. These trainings are yoga alliance approved and taught by our senior Vikasa teachers. These trainings offer the most significant level of onsite hours and the most transformational experience.

Yoga Teacher Trainings- 50hrs and 100hrs

These shorter trainings are ideal for anyone who wants to experience a yoga immersion without the full 200/300 hour accreditation. They are also ideal for teachers looking to up-skill and expand their skillset as a teacher. These shorter trainings include Yin Yoga, Refresh, Immersions with guest teachers Rama and Shakti, Sound Healing and Yoga Biz. 

We’ve Got You

Take The Quiz!

If you’re wanting to join us for a teacher training journey, that may be quite obvious to you and easy to decipher. If you’re wanting to join us for a retreat experience, you may be trying to decide which option is best for you. 

This quiz has been designed to match you to your perfect Vikasa offering. 


What is your key reason for booking a stay with us at Vikasa?

A.) To have a fun and relaxing yoga retreat where I can do yoga but also have time to myself

B.) To learn, deepen my yoga practice, meet like-minded people and immerse myself in a retreat journey

C.) To develop lifestyle changes, to reconnect to myself and for the time away to inspire sustainable changes in my daily life

D.) To immerse myself in a training journey either to enhance my personal practice or yoga teaching


How much support versus free time do you desire?

A.) I’m happy creating my own schedule and having lots of free time to fill as I wish 

B.) I’d love a more structured retreat with a group and a retreat leader 

C.) I’d seeking time to myself but also love the idea of personalized support and guidance

D.) I’m mainly focused on the training journey itself but would still love time to experience Vikasa too


How do you feel about price versus inclusions?

A.) I’m happy with a more affordable retreat with less inclusions that I can choose to add on if I wish once I’m there

B.) Im looking for a mid range retreat with a full week of retreat inclusions and activities

C.) I’m seeking a retreat with the most inclusions such as private classes, spa treatments, wellness extras and post stay support

D.) I’m looking for an all-inclusive training experience that covers everything I need for my stay


What level of connection and community are you seeking?

A.) I’m happy with solo time and feel comfortable meeting new people and enjoying the community vibe if I feel too when Im there

B.) I love the idea of group environment where we can connect and experience the retreat together

C.) I’m happy in my own space and like the idea of a support person, I can also connect with others if I feel drawn to once I’m there

D.) I’m excited by the idea of going on a deep journey with a group of like-minded people in a training environment


If you felt more drawn to mostly A’s- choose a Vikation

If you felt more drawn to mostly B’s- choose a Signature Retreat

If you felt more drawn to mostly C’s- choose a Personal Program

If you felt more drawn to mostly D’s- choose a Yoga Teacher Training

yin yoga and sound healing

Choosing Your Perfect Signature Retreat

We have 6 Signature Retreats to choose from. To help you select the one for you, answer these questions:


What retreat focus appeals to you the most?

A.) Physical asana, inversions and arm balancing

B.) Meditation, yoga philosophy and silence

C.) Yoga classes mixed with adventures and experiences around Koh Samui

D.) Personal development, healing, connection and community

E.) Raw food, plant based cooking and nutrition

F.) Movement modalities, self expression and creative flow


Again, which appeals the most to you?

A.) Workshops working on physical asana and improving my practice

B.) Time in silence, deep reflection and immersing myself in yogic wisdom

C.) Experiencing all that Thailand has to offer with a friendly group of people

D.) Pushing my comfort zone to grow and heal in a supportive space

E.) Meeting others through the joy of food, eating and developing healthy habits

F.) Learning new ways to move and find freedom both on and off the yoga mat


How do you want to feel at the end of this retreat?

A.) Empowered to keep advancing my yoga asana at home

B.) Tranquil, connected, awakened and restored

C.) Energized, enlivened, grateful and inspired

D.) Healed, nourished and lighter with a new perspective

E.) Vibrant and empowered with new nutritional wisdom and skills

F.) Free and creative with new asana and movement techniques 


If you chose mostly A’s you may like Balance

If you chose mostly B’s you may like Silent

If you chose mostly C’s you may like Escape

If you chose mostly D’s you may like Evolve

If you chose mostly E’s you may like Thrive

If you chose mostly F’s you may like Move

Choosing Your Perfect Personal Program

We have 4 Personal Programs to choose from. To help you, answer these questions:


What program focus appeals to you the most?

A.) To start a yoga and mediation practice that I can continue at home

B.) To deepen and expand upon my existing yoga practice

C.) To destress, restore and cultivate a healthy mindset and lifestyle

D.) To cleanse, detox and develop a healthier relationship to food and nutrition


Which of these inclusions appeal to you the most?

A.) Private sessions to learn about yoga and meditation in a supportive and safe environment

B.) Private sessions to advance my yoga practice and cultivate a deeper connection to yoga 

C.) Coaching sessions to work out my limitations and how to move through these to find better health, happiness and freedom

D.) Naturopathic support to help me improve my diet and lifestyle and ways to fuel my body for sustainable wellbeing


How do you want to feel at the end of your time at Vikasa?

A.) Empowered to start a home yoga practice or attend classes in my local studio

B.) Inspired with new advanced yoga techniques and practices to continue from home

C.) Refreshed and restored with the wisdom and skills to create positive lifestyle change in my daily life

D.) Vibrant and empowered to create well informed dietary decisions for long lasting wellness


If you chose mostly A’s you may like Begin

If you chose mostly B’s you may like Deepen

If you chose mostly C’s you may like Recharge

If you chose mostly D’s you may like Vitox

Your Journey Starts Here 

Have a little more clarity on your ideal Vikasa stay now? You can check all upcoming events here and all current promotions here.

For reservation enquiries you can also reach out to us here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vikasa for the next step of your evolution. 

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