Escape with Vikasa Senior Teacher Mikey Lazano



If you’ve been to Vikasa before, you will likely already know Mikey. Mikey is a senior teacher on our 100, 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings (and we must say, usually a highlight of these trainings too!) He also runs his own Signature Retreat called Escape

Unlike most of us that tend to find yoga when we are at a crossroad in life or looking to advance or support our physical or mental wellbeing, Mikey was introduced to yoga as a young child. 

Mikey isn’t someone that practices yoga only on the mat. Rather, so much of who Mikey is as a person and they way he practices yoga is done outside of the yoga room. He has the ability to make yoga joyous, even when its challenging! And he is masterful in his way of taking yogic concepts out into the world in a way that is tangible, enjoyable and accessible to everyone. 

Want to know what Mikey did in his ‘former life’ before he became a yoga teacher? Want to know how he found Vikasa? Well, read on.

Mikey Lazano

Where are you from?

I’m from the UK, a small town in the north west.


What was your life like before yoga and Vikasa?

Before Vikasa, I worked as a firefighter and personal trainer in the UK in Liverpool. I was a physical culture and travel enthusiast, filling my free time with lots of sports and activities such as rock climbing, hiking, running, going to the gym, and taking the opportunity to travel whenever I could.


When and how did you become interested in yoga?  

I was first introduced to yoga as a child, not to the physical practice, but my parents, who followed a yogic path, introduced me to some of the key ideas/philosophies underpinning yoga, and to the practice of meditation. I found the physical practice much later (about 10 years ago). Having a lifelong passion for physical culture, at some point I decided to try a yoga class. I was soon hooked.

yoga at Vikasa with Mikey Lazano

What keeps you interested in the practice?

What keeps me interested in yoga practice is what it does for me – it helps keep my body strong and flexible, is a fabulous tool for positively influencing the state of my nervous system, helps to regulate, calm, focus and still my mind and offers a philosophy that improves my overall experience of life.


What is your own practice like?

My own practice is very simple. I do some kind of internal practice (breathwork, meditation, or both) every day which can be as little as 10 minutes or much longer. I do 2 physical practices per week, which may not sound like a lot, but I am no longer trying to develop it and this amount is enough for maintenance.

Mikey inversion class at Vikasa

How and when did you find Vikasa?

I first came to Vikasa 9 years ago (in 2015) on a yoga vacation, having found it on a Google search. I fell in love with the place – the people, the environment, the food, the yoga – and left with a clear intention to return. I did so only 7 months later completing the 200hr and 300hr YTTs back to back. After spending 3 months at Vikasa as a student, I fell even more in love with it, and having come to the conclusion that this place was doing something very special, I decided I wanted to be a part of the magic. I was lucky enough to receive an opportunity and started working for Vikasa soon after my YTT’s. The rest, as they say, is history.


What are your favorite aspects of the work you do now?

My absolute favorite thing to do as a yoga teacher is facilitate YTT’s. Nothing beats running 1 month intensive programs filled with people eager to learn, grow and immerse themselves in all things yoga! I love watching the journey our students go through, transitioning from yoga practitioner to yoga teacher, whilst simultaneously often going through a beautiful process of personal evolution, and of course having a lot of fun along the way.

Learn with Mikey in Koh Samui!

Mikey is a lead teacher on our 100hr Refresh YTT, our 200hr Foundation YTT and also our 300hr Advanced YTT. 

Mikey also runs his own Signature Vikasa retreat called ESCAPE. This is a chance to learn with Mikey both ON and OFF that yoga mat. Enjoy daily yoga classes and workshops alongside exciting adventures around beautiful Koh Samui. This retreat is designed to enliven and inspire you. You will feel rejuvenated with yoga, pranayama, meditation and incredible food. You will feel energized and in awe as you experience the island’s best kept secrets including hidden waterfalls, elephants, secret beaches, incredible temples and immerse yourself in the magic of Thailand. 

Next ESCAPE Retreat is from March 31 – April 6!

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Want to try a class with Mikey from home?

One of Mikey’s most popular classes at Vikasa is his signature Cross Mat class from Universal Yoga. Give it a try at home and see if you enjoy this unique style of practice. Mikey offers a crossmat class in Escape retreat, as well as in our 200hr and 300hr YTT programs. 

“I find Mikey super fun, comprehensive and a great teacher, I cannot say enough about him. From the fun sequences to the cross mat classes, you can see he is always giving from his heart. I love that even after class, if you reach out to Mikey he is always there, he is a great listener and will always be there to support his students. Mikey is very genuine and overall, it is just an amazing experience to learn with him.” –Fi

“Mikey’s classes are exciting, fun, and diverse. These are magical classes and there is so much variation from arm balances to how he teaches with a real softness and also a real joy so you have a smile on your face right throughout class. Even outside the class, Mikey is a leader and has so much charisma and joy that is infectious. He helps you to take the experience of yoga so much further than just on the mat.” – Justin