Vikasa 2023: Our Highlights, Viral Posts, New Offerings and Inspiration



2023 was a HUGE year for us at Vikasa. It was the first full year we have opened and operated since the pandemic and it has been wonderful to welcome so many guests from all over the world to join us on a retreat, program or yoga teacher training. 

We had a LOT of highlights.

We launched our 6 new Signature Retreats– Evolve, Escape, Balance, Move, Thrive and Escape.

We launched our 4 new Personal Programs– Begin, Deepen, Recharge and Vitox.

We also ran some of our biggest Yoga Teacher Training programs ever!

We’d love to share a glimpse into some of the best of the best of 2023 in hope it will inspire you to think over the highlights of your own year and start to look ahead into what you wish to envision for yourself in 2024. 

Vikasa means evolution and we truly believe that happiness and wellbeing come through the process of constantly evolving, learning and shedding things that no longer serve us so we can continuously step into the best version of ourselves. 

Evolution may not always feel easy, but when you move past self doubt and take the leap, what greets you is 100% worth it. 

Take a scroll down and if you feel inspired, leave a comment below on your biggest highlight or achievement in 2023, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Most Viral Post

Our most viral post was a collaborative post with Daniel Rama which was a mini tutorial on how to do Protectors Pose. It has reached over 1.5 million people and had over 25,000 shares and 30,000 saves. Check it out here.

daniel rama arm balance

Best New Offering

We introduced a lot of new offerings in 2023, but we believe the best one is our new Recharge Program. Think of Recharge as a ‘lifestyle enhancement’ – we cover all areas of your life to help you optimize your wellbeing, improve your mindset and say farewell to stress. Private coaching sessions, plenty of spa treatments, unlimited yoga classes, delicious healthy meals and ongoing support after you leave allow this one week to truly change your life. 

recharge personal program wellness retreat

Most Read Blog

Our most read blog was on the power of Mala Beads and their significance in yoga. If you’ve always wondered what the deal with mala beads is, check out the blog here. Mala Making BONUS Workshop with our meditation master Alex is also included in our upcoming May 300 hr YTT program.

Alex meditation master mala beads

Most Booked Retreat

We had an incredible group of people join us for one of our new Signature Retreats, Evolve. Evolve has been created and is led by Niki and Michael, two of our senior Vikasa teachers. This is a yoga retreat combined with dynamic meditations, dance, journaling and insightful and unique personal development activities,  designed to help you shed the old, gain clarity, reconnect to your true self and ultimately, evolve into the best version of you. No one left this retreat as the same person they entered as. Tears were shed, laughter was shared and experiences and memories were forever etched into hearts and minds.

evolve personal development yoga retreat

Best Testimonial 

Ed joined us in the October 200hr YTT and came with an open mind and open heart, eager to dive into a training experience and see where it took him. Being nearly 60, this was something he simply wanted to do for himself, and we were so touched by his testimonial

“I’m 58 years old. I’ve been doing yoga for about 15 years on and off. I moved to Koh Samui 14 months ago and have been taking classes at Vikasa since my arrival. In brief – it was the best thing I’ve ever done for my body, my mind, myself, in my entire life! At the conclusion of week one, I drove home (I commuted to the studio each morning) and my wife observed “I don’t remember you being this happy in years.” At the end of the 3rd week she observed “It’s like you’ve shed a skin. You’ve changed.”

If you find yourself in a place where you are not sure what the next chapter of your life is going to or should be, searching inside and want to challenge yourself as you walk this journey then Vikasa is a fantastic place to do it. You will be surrounded by supportive, intelligent and loving people. People like you looking to grow, looking to make the most of themselves, and life.”

Most Booked Room 

At the start of 2023 we renovated all of our Prana Cabana and Prana Cabana Plus rooms. Located right on our private secret beach, you can fall asleep to the sound of the ocean from air conditioned comfort. These rooms are located right by the white prana sala and are the perfect tranquil escape for anyone looking to full rejuvenate and unwind in tropical paradise.

Vikasa accommodation

Most Popular Life Cafe Menu Item

No surprises here! What can beat avocado on toast?! Of course, this isn’t any avocado toast. We use homemade bread (gluten free available on request!), an abundance of delicious creamy avocado, tasty cherry tomatoes, homemade dukha, vegan coconut bacon made with eggplant and creamy fetta (vegan fetta on request!) Optional to add a poached egg for extra sustenance! More on the Life Cafe (including the menu!) here.

vikasa food life cafe avocado toast

Best Pool Shoot

The Vikasa infinity pool could be recognised anywhere! Its a beautiful location to take a dip or enjoy a cold coconut at the pool bar. Yet its most common usage is probably sunrise yoga shoots! We did a shoot earlier this year and captured footage that lasted us many months. It just so happened to be one of the best sunrises ever. A huge shout out to @wanderingcrane for this shoot, check out some of the highlights here. 

Vikasa yoga infinity pool shoot

Best New Addition to Rooms

For the past few months we have welcomed Annie back to Vikasa to adorn all the rooms with her beautiful hand painted mandalas. Annie visited Vikasa for a YTT program a few years ago and it was on that YTT that she started to draw mandalas for the first time. It was only fitting to bring her back as an artist in residence where she had the chance to translate her artistic vision onto the walls of each room. Stay tuned for an interview with annie coming up in our social media. 

vikasa accommodation mandala painting

Overall Highlight

The staff! Our Viksa team has grown this year to accommodate the expansion of the business and to make sure all your needs are being met as guests. Our Vikasa staff are never without a smile, they are the most kind, friendly people and the most diligent and conscientious workers. We are lucky to have them and guests are always amazed at the way our team will remember their name from the day they arrive!

That’s a wrap! Tell us your highlights or greatest accomplishment in 2023 below.

If you’d like to a trip to Vikasa to feature in your 2024 plans, send us an email to for more details on any of our upcoming retreats, personal programs, yoga teachers trainings or events.