Relax. Nothing is Under Control

7 Ways to Flex Your Power & Make a Difference During Times of Uncertainty

Information is changing at an alarming rate as we try to navigate this unique pandemic situation. The sea of contradicting opinions can cause confusion, stress and anxiety. We are becoming more aware than ever of our role as individuals and our fragility as a species. It’s easy to feel that we are powerless, that we are nothing more than a dot on a tracking graph, a counted number in a population, or a statistic in a jungle of data.

Self care is so important during times of uncertainty, and we’re not just talking physical care, your mental health will be considered crucial during the coming months. Everyone is talking about hand washing -and that’s good, but perhaps equally important are concerns for our mental wellbeing. We need to take actions that let us feel our power again. Here are 10 things you can do to empower yourself, your tribe and your community.

1- Practice Digital Wellness

We all need to stay informed by keeping up to date with reputable sources such as the WHO and the CDC. It’s our civic duty to comprehend a basic level of science and act according to the experts in the scientific community. However, scrolling through Twitter all day will likely make you feel worse by causing excess stress and possibly even lower your immune system. Consider checking the news once per day and limiting your screen time. (besides Netflix, of course)

2- Reach Out to Senior Citizens

People over 70 have the highest risk factor. If you have senior citizens as neighbors you can offer to keep their supplies and groceries stocked by picking up a few things when you go to the market. If you are in quarantine already, you can help them use delivery apps which they may find challenging. If you have older family members be sure to spend some time with them via good old fashioned phone calls. It’s risk free and it will really make their day.

3- Order From Local Family Restaurants.

Many restaurants will be forced to close or reduce their service to delivery only. If possible, try to order delivery and maintain a normal amount of restaurant spending compared to what you would normally do if you could eat out. Stick to the most vulnerable ones such as “Mom and Pop” places rather than chains.

4- Raise Your Vibrations

Practice gratitude each morning before you do anything else. It only takes a few minutes and it can set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s easy to feel like restrictions and bans are taking things away from you, but what about the things you do have? Are you taking them for granted?

5- Support Artists

Those who rely on art events for their income, such as musicians, event photographers, dance teachers and others will take a big hit financially. Look for the ones who are making creative online solutions. Take a dance class in your living room, buy your friend’s album or download their photos. You’ll feel empowered by participating and your contribution will really help them pull through this.

6- Stay Creative

Dust off that notebook, write some poetry, sketch a portrait, play a guitar, sing a song, solve a riddle, do a puzzle, whatever you choose. Creativity is one of the most empowering energies we have. It reminds us that we are alive, we are unique and that every one of us is capable of innovation and self-realization.

7- Learn Something

There are so many wonderful resources for online learning that most of us never bothered to explore because we were so busy in our normal lives. Now that you find yourself slowing down, breaking patterns and having some free time you can finally take some online classes. Vikasa offers free online yoga classes and more on our YouTube channel. Be on the lookout for additional live and recorded video classes on our social channels. From yoga to raw food creations we will have something to inspire you. Follow @vikasayoga for dates and times.