Top 5 Beaches around Vikasa


Koh Samui is famous for packing some of the most pretty beaches in Thailand, where basking under the palm trees comes along with fun activities to match. Luckily, Vikasa Yoga Retreat is within easy reach from the best beaches in Koh Samui. We promise you would want to cross off below beaches off your bucket list when vacationing here.


Silver Beach is remarkably beautiful. Everything here clicks. Nestled in a bay surrounded by scenic boulders, Silver Beach promises soft white sand, palm trees wearing the shade, and crystal clear waters suitable from snorkeling. The northern part of the beach is more shallow and rocky underwater, with more fish to spot, while the southern part allows for easy access and pleasant dips along the boulders. Swimming from one end to another along the beach will only take 10-15 minutes or so. Well protected inside the bay, the waters here are usually calm, especially during March October. Silver Beach is our favourite pick for its peacefulness and serenity.


Coral Cove Beach is a mini version of Silver Beach, so to speak. Located the same distance from Vikasa as Silver Beach, at only 3 minutes drive north, this tiny paradise is worthy of being explored. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, the waters here are also usually calm, although slightly more exposed compared to Silver Beach. For snorkelers, follow the cliffs towards Vikasa, swimming right upon entering the waters. Soon enough, you will come across many fishes in one of the last reefs still left on Koh Samui.


Do not confuse Chaweng Noi with the central Chaweng Beach, because ‘Noi’ means Small in Thai. Although small in its name, Chaweng Noi spans five resorts along the most picturesque 1.2km stretch. The beach is wide and features beautiful white-powder sand. The access to the sea is unobstructed; there are no underwater rocks at all. Chaweng Noi is one of the safest beaches to enjoy on Koh Samui, and an absolute pleasure to swim along. There are only a handful of jet-skis in the central part, while the rest of the beach is yours truly. Head over to its northern part and snorkel around the boulders – fish encounters guaranteed!


Taling Ngam Beach is one of those places where you can still find yourself being completely alone. Tropical forests and tall coconut palm trees surrounding the beach add hips to that exotic feeling. Still raw and wild, Taling Ngam is a perfect getaway for peaceful beach walks and meditation. The waters are rather shallow here and tide-dependent with some rocky sea bottom – so not the best for swimming, but that doesn’t steal its unique charm. Kayaking along the shore will surely tick many boxes of every adventure-seeker.


Although not in our list for its beach attractiveness, Lamai surely packs a punch when it comes to markets and fun activities. Only 10 minutes drive from Vikasa, you can enjoy the second busiest part of Koh Samui and some bustle and hustle to come along with it. Sunday walking street night market is especially popular. The beach itself is excellent for water activities, where you can find plenty of watersports.

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