Top Wellness Trends to Watch in 2019


At Vikasa, we believe in being educated and informed about the latest ideas in the wellness world. New wellness trends are forever popping up, giving us new ways to eat, move, medicate, and even clean our homes. Some of these trends are short-lived fads (remember The Zone Diet, or 8-Minute Abs?), but others are here to stay. Below are some of the top trends that are likely to keep getting bigger.

Ayurveda Techniques

The traditional Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda is getting more and more popular in the West. Even if you’re not ready to overhaul your diet in accordance with your dominant dosha, Ayurveda encompasses much more than eating habits. Traditional hygiene techniques like tongue scraping, oil pulling, and dry brushing are becoming daily habits for many.

CBD Products

Cannabis is getting more mainstream, but it’s not just about getting high. CBD oil contains cannabidiol, which is one of the dozens of compounds found in marijuana. Unlike THC, it’s not psychoactive, but many people find it effective in reducing pain, anxiety, insomnia, and even the side effects of pharmaceuticals. It’s most often taken with a medicine dropper, but some people apply it topically to relieve muscle and joint pain. You can now find bottles of CBD oil and other infused products everywhere from gift shops to grocery stores.

Minimizing Possessions

For years, the minimalist movement has been encouraging people to pare down their possessions and spend less money on physical things. But Marie Kondo finally convinced the masses, with her book and Netflix show on organizing and tidying up. Now, everyone from your aunt to your dentist is getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy.

Practicing Gratitude

“To be happier, practice gratitude.” It’s a refrain that’s heard everywhere from yoga studios to business podcasts. The growing number of gratitude apps is another testament to its popularity, but a Word document or notebook and pen will work just as well. To see how gratitude affects you, try writing down three things you’re grateful for every day. The power of gratitude is a notable theme during both our Signature Yoga Vacations and in our Teacher Training Programs.

Boxing and Rowing Classes

While spinning, Pilates, and barre classes have long since proved their staying power, there are new players on the group fitness scene all the time. Two of the latest to gain popularity are rowing and boxing classes. If you want to mix up your routine, you’ll probably start seeing these offerings at your gym or fitness studio.

Ditching Toxic Chemicals

You no longer have to order online or search for specialty stores to find home and beauty products devoid of harsh chemicals. Companies from L’Oreal to Tide are now making natural versions of their products, which are more eco-friendly and safer to use. You can find these lines, as well as products from all-natural brands, at places like Target or your local supermarket.

Eating Less Meat

Whether it’s through Meatless Mondays, Vegan Before 6, or a choice to stop cooking meat at home, limiting animal products is becoming the new norm. While meat is still a staple for many, concern about the conditions in slaughterhouses, the health consequences of a meat-heavy diet and the environmental impact of producing animal products is becoming more mainstream. Look out for more, tastier, healthier meat alternatives this year. Check out our article on exploring Veganism to find out more about how to make this change accessible and fun.

Much of the delicious food we feature at Vikasa is meat-free and we are proud to create beautiful, balanced meals that nourish mind, body, and spirit at our incredible Life Cafe. Be sure to check out the Wellness Section of our blog for tons of amazing recipes to try at home!

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Jen is a freelance writer, blogger, and yoga teacher who left her office job in Boston to travel the world with her husband. She previously worked in international development and academic research, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Rwanda. Some of her biggest passions include promoting responsible and mindful travel and helping her students develop their personal yoga practice.