Sacral Chakra


Do you feel in touch with your creativity and sensuality? Do you experience balance in your emotions and relationships? Or do you find yourself uninspired and suppressing your sensual self or feeling emotionally overwhelmed and dependent on others? The sacral chakra is the source of creativity, sensuality, feelings and how we relate to others. When there is imbalance here, our ability to understand where our feelings are coming from and why we’re feeling them gets cloudy. However, certain asana and meditation practices, as well as specific affirmations, can balance our sacral chakra and bring us back into alignment.

The sacral chakra is the second of the seven main chakras. It is associated with the color orange and is our center of creative partnerships, sensuality and sexuality. The sacral chakra allows us to perceive and interpret our world through sensation and the feelings that sensation unearths within us.

The sacral chakra is located in the bowl of the pelvis, about three inches below the navel. This chakra is also called the Svadhisthana Chakra, which translates to “one’s own place” or “her secret standing place”. While it is most commonly known for its connection with the feeling experience, the sacral chakra is also associated with the lymphatic system and reproductive system.

This chakra also governs our creativity, connection and relationships, both romantic and otherwise. It’s where our inspiration comes from and contributes to creating healthy and balanced relationships with others and with ourselves. When the sacral chakra is balanced, we feel inspired, flexible, and in touch with our sexual desire.

When this chakra is unbalanced (whether that be underactive or overactive), we can become overly emotional or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, feel as if we are “numb” and have no emotions at all. It may manifest as lack of sexual desire or conversely, obsession with sexual fantasies. It can cause us to become overly dependent on others and rely on their approval to make us feel good. We also run the risk of overindulging in substances that grant us easy access to pleasure. Those who are experiencing imbalance within their sacral chakra also frequently notice depression, low libido and persistent pessimism. Physically, it can lead to muscle tension, abdominal cramps, irregular menstrual cycles and urinary or bladder infections.

Balancing The Sacral Chakra

Asana is a great tool for bringing balance to the sacral chakra. Focus on poses that open the hips, such as Bound Angle Pose, Frog Pose and Utkana Konasana or Goddess pose. Asana practice for opening this chakra should be slow and relaxed as opposed to fast and challenging.

You can find many online guided meditations that focus on the sacral chakra. A simple meditation you can do yourself is to sit comfortably with a straight spine and envision an orange lotus blooming in the area of the pelvis. Focus on the image of this flower and visualize its heat and energy cleansing the space within you.

Lastly, affirmations can be chanted (either out loud or in your mind) to help bring things back into balance. “I am creating my life” “It is safe to express my sexuality in healthy ways,” and, “I attract like-minded people who support and love me,” are all great affirmations to use because they allow us to accept our potential in creativity, sexuality and within our relationships.

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Brooke Kathleen – Also known as the Unicorn Yogi, Brooke began practicing yoga in 2009. She moved to New York City for work in 2013 and her practice faded out due to the inconsistent hours. In 2017 she re-discovered her practice during a very intense and difficult series of events. After devoting herself to practice for another year she realized that she wanted to learn how to share the tools that yoga had given her to heal and grow with others. She found Vikasa online while researching and fell in love with the curriculum and location. The rest is history! New York, USA