Vikasa’s Raw Banana Chocolate Cheesecake


This easy and delicious raw cheesecake will have all your friends gawking at your “baking” skills. With the use of health conscious ingredients and delightful holiday flavors, this raw dessert is a stunning dish to bring to parties or enjoy with loved ones at home!


Chocolate Crust:

Process the following ingredients in a food processor for long enough so that the buckwheat is broken into large pieces:

½ cup (40g) coconut flakes
1 tbsp (16g) coconut sugar
¼ c (38g) buckwheat
2 tbsp (10g) cocoa nibs
¼ tsp salt

Stop the food processor and add the following ingredients. This time, process very well until dates are completely broken apart.

60g dates
½ tsp vanilla extract

Add the following and process again on a lower speed until well mixed:

1-2 tbsp coconut oil (add or subtract depending on dryness of dates)

Pat the mixed crust well into a medium sized round baking pan. A springform pan (with removable sides) is ideal for cheesecakes.

After patting down the crust, slice several bananas and place them (edges touching) on top of the crust before adding the cheesecake filling.


Blend the following ingredients in a blender until very smooth and creamy:

1c (230g) bananas
1c (130g) soaked cashews
½ c (120g) almond milk
2 tbsp (30g) lemon juice
60ml (72g) coconut sugar syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp salt

Stop the blender and add the following ingredients. Blend again until very smooth and creamy:

1.5 tbsp lecithin
½ c (110g) coconut oil

Pour all but one cup of the filling into the baking pan onto the prepared crust. Then, blend the reserved cup of filling with the following:

15g cocoa powder

Swirl the remaining filling on top of the filling in the pie pan and use the tip of a knife to create the marble effect (see video for demonstration of technique). Then chill before serving.


*Storage: Store the sliced pie for up to 5 days in the refrigerator or freeze if you would like to save it for longer.

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