VIKASA Cares: Yoga For The New Generation


This month, Vikasa was beyond excited to partner with a local school in Koh Samui. It was so inspiring to have the opportunity to bring the benefits of Yoga and the Vikasa lifestyle to children and parents alike. Vikasa’s mission is to inspire the community to evolve into happier and healthier human beings through the practices of Yoga and mindfulness.

At its earliest stages, the physical practice of yoga was created especially for small children in order to promote a balanced physical and mental energy outlet for them that results in healthy, attentive and observant students. Today, the physical Yoga practice is becoming more and more popular with our youngest generation. It offers an inspiring opportunity to encourage genuine bonding among students and between children and their parents.

Children now are constantly exposed to media, technology and advertising. It is more important than ever to offer them the chance to learn the simple art of the breath, the importance of physical health and the skill of mindful thought and action. Yoga has been used more and more in the modern classroom with positive results, promoting a peaceful learning environment and a caring community. Yoga is a great asset for all kids, but especially those that may learn differently or have trouble focusing. In recent studies, yoga has been shown to benefit children in many ways, including stress management, development of body awareness, increasing self-confidence and as a way to participate authentically in a group.

Experienced Vikasa instructor Alisa Suttiboon led three sessions with the students and parents were also invited to participate. The classes focused on the foundations of the Vikasa lifestyle and the power of the yoga practice to generate mindfulness, health and happiness.

This partnership was a direct reflection of the importance to us at Vikasa of continuing our community involvement and it offered us an amazing space in which to connect with our youngest community members and their families.

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Inanna Jessup

Inanna Jessup is a Yoga teacher, traveler and writer originally from Colorado. Ever since she quit her corporate job managing Yoga studios in 2017, she’s being roaming the planet searching for experience, wisdom and connection. She works remotely and enjoys the freedom and constant learning that come with her lifestyle. She believes deeply in the awareness, humility, tolerance and compassion that can be developed through the practice of yoga and meditation and through the experience of travel.