Yoga Mammas: 10 reasons why you must try yoga



If you are a mother of a young child and are reading this post, you are probably in a bit of a rush. Maybe you are even thinking: I wish I had time to do yoga, but…! But – You DO have time for yoga.
Believe it if we say, that you are even gaining more quality time through a regular yoga practice. Sounds unbelievable? It’s not. And I’m not even talking about the physical benefits yet.
Keep reading about the 10 reasons why you must try yoga.

1. Through a regular yoga practice you will balance and calm your mind, which will make you more focused and productive. As a result you will get more things done in the same time. At work and / or at home. With mindfulness and focus, not by rushing and multitasking. It will also become easier to set priorities for yourself, which enables you to say ‘no’ more often. That leaves more time for yourself and for quality time with your children.

2. Yoga lifts your energy level. You come back home refreshed, relaxed and with a smile on your face after a yoga class. Now you can be 100% present with your children. And your family benefits as well: You will become more patient with them.

3. Yoga improves your sleep. Especially if you don’t get enough rest, some hours of quality sleep will make a big difference to your wellbeing and health.

4. As yoga will take stress away and slow down the speed in your daily life, also your relationship will benefit from your new calm and wisdom. If possible – send your partner also to a yoga class, so you both can see the difference. Your relationship will become more loving and respectful.

After we have listed all the benefits that yoga has on your mind and daily life – Lets not forget the physical side of things. Let’s face it, health is all we have.

5. Yoga improves your posture and lessens back pain. The back often suffers from carrying a child, but thanks to the strengthening exercises, your back, abs and arms will become stronger, which will not only lessen or remove your pain, but also make you walk like a lady.

6. Yoga is so much more fun than your regular postnatal exercise group. Yoga strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. If you want to especially train these – There are also postnatal yoga classes that focus on your pelvic floor.

7. Yoga lowers your blood pressure. A lot of women experience high blood pressure during pregnancy due to the extra volume of blood in their body. Yoga helps you to bring it back to normal.

9. Yoga makes you more flexible. Get these clicks out of your body by increasing the range of motion of your joints and lengthen your muscles for beautiful arms and legs.

8. Yoga improves stamina and core strength. Get back in shape with some extra core exercises like Navasana.

10. Last but not least – Be a good example for your children. If they grow up seeing that their mother is taking care of herself and responsibility for her health – chances are they will be stepping into your shoes.

Do something for yourself today. Look for your nearest yoga studio or book in some me-time in a yoga retreat to kick start your new life! You are not only a mother, but first of all a human being with needs of your own. As you are happy and balanced, your children are likely to be, too. If you don’t have anyone to look after your child, don’t worry – There are a lot of baby yoga classes out there for the both of you. Also you can find a huge selection of yoga classes online, for beginners and long standing yogis. Enjoy.

By Eva Flammensbeck

Eva FlammensbeckEva has been working in the traditional media and digital sector for the last 10 years in Germany and in the UK. Until in early 2017 she quit her job and went to India to follow her passion in yoga and meditation. Now she is travelling through Asia with her boyfriend and working as a copywriter and yoga teacher and is doing some volunteer work in between. All this while tasting lots of new delicious food and writing about it.