Yoga and the sun



The rising sun and element of Fire.

One of the many thing amazing things I love about Vikasa is the absolutely sensational location!

Nestled on the steep tropical cliffs and beautiful rugged coastline and within easy walking reach to the beautiful popular beaches, it is one of those very rare and special places where you can also very easily get away and disappear into the delightful presence of only pure undisturbed nature.

This really is an experience and feeling far beyond any words and I strongly encourage any guest or student with us to take full advantage of this very special gift and blessing.

Especially on Samui with significant land and building development places where you can find undisturbed nature are now very hard to find, and here at Vikasa it is literally just a walk away from your room or bungalow!

You can easily find a beautiful, quiet serene spot and allow the beautiful presence of pure undisturbed nature to delight all your senses and take your mind into a state of delightful equanimity, your body into a state of magnificent grace.

This of course is an inherent process of yoga and meditation and why Vikasa is located here. So when you are with us don’t forget one day to just get up with the rising sun and sit on one of our little magic hide away rocks; allow the Sun and her wonderful rays of light love and energy to enter all of your existence after all she shines on all without judgement and gives life to many.

This is just another example of a wonderful Vikasa Magic Moment!

We also offer daily free meditation sessions from 8 am to 08.45 am in our magnificent natural wood open air salas, another gorgeous gift from nature for you to enjoy and share .