The opening of Vikasa Yoga on 11.11.11



The opening of brand new Vikasa Yoga in Koh Samui turned out to be a smash success with auspicious timing and location. Of course, in my view of the world, everything happens auspiciously but, this event came in a higher degree significance. It has brought together many people to the practice and sanctuary that is Yoga and all of it’s beautiful manifestations. Opening on the buzz word date of 11.11.11, almost two months ahead of schedule, also seemed to lend to that prevalent belief that humanity is moving towards a new paradigm of how we view our world and interact with each other… which fits right in with the meaning of the sanskrit word “Vikasa” or…evolution.

Vikasa openingThe owner, Konstantin Miachin, and I have been friends and accomplices on our respective yoga journeys over the last few years and he invited me take part in the festivities of opening the studio and also to teach during it’s first week in operation. Both of us were very pleased to see the class sizes start from a modest group of 5-10 and grow to an impressive 15-20 students by the weeks end, almost filling the practice space. From the very first class I taught could tell that this place will draw a good following. The space is open air and on the 2nd level, with wooden floors and rich colors over a picturesque garden and the up and running restaurant and lounge area. Kosta and I have different approaches for a Yoga asana class and we each tend to also thread through a variety of different techniques and styles so our students get a good idea that we present a very open picture of Yoga as a whole where, as we’ve been saying at Vikasa all week, “everything is possible”.

I’ve since left to come back to my teaching in Bangkok with Yoga Elements where I’ll be until April when Vikasa Yoga starts there first teacher training course which I’ll be assisting. Now, the third Vikasa teacher, who I do not know personally, Craig, has already begun teaching now that I’m gone. I am sure he is offering great lessons and inspiration in his classes. He has been teaching for twenty-two years now. During the opening party he was also one of the “advanced yoga performers”. Of the many impressive feats he displayed I was most amazed by his drop backs to wheel and standing, with just a flirting whisp hinting towards a forward fold and then floating all the way into wheel again. As a fellow practitioner who can do many of these “advanced” Asana or movements it’s most interesting to me to see the lightness and effortlessness in someones body while they do these things.  Craig looked absolutely ethereal during this portion of his demonstration. This quality in the physical practice, whether its drop backs or something tamer,  lets us explore the connected qualities of the mind. Yes, Vikasa students should be in very good hands.

I should also not forget the rest of the staff at Vikasa Yoga. Everyone has a smile, everyone is friendly. I really enjoyed getting to know them all and becoming co-workers that are friends as well. The receptionist, Alisa, is also a Yoga practitioner and enthusiast so she knows what she’s talking about when helping you understand what it’s all about or helping you select a product to suit your needs or style. Her English is also impeccable and with an endearing cadence. Our cook Pon is lively and easy to talk to. Our House Mom(direct thai translation) doesn’t speak much English but always shares her smile and kind eyes. And even while each one has a position, I saw everyone helping out each other by their own initiative. Kosta has put together a very professional and friendly team and I’m actually just repeating the words I heard all week; friendly, professional, amazing

Well, I can’t go without saying that the week at Vikasa I got to eat some really, really, really good food. Whether you’re into yoga, or not, or maybe just don’t know it yet…the food there is something we can all relate too. It’s delicious. It’s made from fresh and all natural ingredients. And there’s variety. While I was there the menu for the restaurant was in creation by a team of international experts. Without robbing you of too much of your fun exploring the new menu I’ll just tell you you can expect the best and freshest Thai food, raw food, seafood, poultry, smoothies and inspired International cuisine in a very welcoming and unique atmosphere.

This good? Believe it!

Kind regards from yours truly,

George Anthony

Hi there, and this is me, Konstantin, just want to say Thank You to all of you, and remind you only one thing: everything is possible!!! Especially at VIkasa Yoga :))))

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