My Yoga Journey



Deep sleep. Eyes opened. Wake Up.

I walk down to Vikasa’s Yoga Shala on the Sea and the Gayatri Mantra is playing. So wonderful! The chant alters my state and I begin my practice.

We start the day with pranayama and meditation followed by asana class with our Teacher Training Instructor George. Abdominal exercises, Warrior I and Warrior III. We prepare ourselves for handstand, camel pose, shoulder stand, halasana, head stand, chaturanga, updog, downdog series… Align, activate and contract Uddijana Bandha. Lengthen your spine…

After class I have a superb breakfast: fresh juices, eggs, mixed green salad, tropical fruits, cream cheese, rice with ananas, musli and yogurt, organic coffee and milk. I am eating in heaven! The food is light and I feel lighter.

In afternoon class we learn about Tapas. Tapas means discipline like giving up eating chocolates or meat. We learn Satsang: gathering and sharing truth. We sing a mantra: Om Nama Shivaya. The mantra is calming and everyone in the class is tuned in so well. This mantra means the divine self. Shiva is the representation of the divine consciousness.

In the evening Asana Practice with Kosta I feel weak from push-ups and chaturanga. I ask George, “Why do my elbows hurt so much? I can’t do the poses.” He just says, “Stop!” I am surprised. “Stop?” I say about to cry, “Why? Everybody will move on and I am going to wait here by myself … like this?” George calms me down, but when the moment of Savaasana comes, and the lights are off, I cry. I don’t stop crying till the end of Savasana. I reach for my towel, but I am not able to reach it. I am alone crying and helpless on my mat.

After class I go to Kosta.  I start to cry again. My cries turn to laughter, and then crying again,and then laughing. Kosta explains that my feelings, reactions, were perfect because they showed that I am experiencing progress and this is a good sign.

He gives me courage.

Our first week has finished! Tomorrow is the day off.


Sebla Kaplan

About our Author

Sebla Kaplan

Sebla KaplanI am a Turkish Yogi from Istanbul who is passionate about music, signing and songwriting. I studied Media at the University of Bedfordshire UK and am certified in Digital Filmmaking, Web & Graphic Design and Human Resources Management. I am proud to be a member of Vikasa’s worldwide yoga community. Vikasa gave me wings, now it is my time to fly.