Magic Sunrise Meditation


This blog is about enjoying a magic sunrise meditation; rising with the sun, barefoot on the soft sandy beach and swimming in the warm tropical ocean.

In order to meditate and really enjoy and feel this wonderful feeling of peace harmony unity and ‘oneness’ with all it helps massively when you connect nature and the 5 Elements of Earth, Fire, Sky, Water and Air.

All of these are abundantly available in very pure form AND all at the same time at Vikasa and our nearby beaches, for sure another awesome Vikasa Magic Moment!

It is so easy and such a wonderful feeling to really connect to any of the base 5 elements here; for the active ‘A’ types amongst you that want to go the extra mile come and join me on the sunrise beach walk, jog or run!!

Whatever your preference is and enjoy this delightful experience as part of your meditation process; this is a great example of an active dynamic type meditation.

Our regular meditation classes start at 8 am and Ronnies beach sunrise sensation meditation starts at 0700 with a chi energy breathing exercise and then play on the beach; you are more than welcome to join any Monday Wednesday or Friday and experience this fantastic free gift of nature right on our doorstep!

The best part about this type of meditation is the effortless process; all you have to do is get up on time, enjoy yourself on the beach with the rising sun and the other 4 elements abundantly present in pure form, they will just be absorbed by you and you will feel better.

You will instantly feel much better, more energised and balanced this is the abundant unconditional gift of nature with this type of meditation!

And bonus for all you Dog lovers out there;  Ronnie takes Itchi – a rescued 1 year old Husky for his morning play and run with ‘’Princess Merci’ his slightly younger girlfriend…just watching them play and enjoy each other is the real treasure and joy!

If you want to go a little deeper and practice more meditation, come and join our complimentary meditations in one of our lovely open air salas everyday.

Enjoy and share a sensational day

With happy smiles and warm regards from the Vikasa Family!